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Welcome to Mary's Garden, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for spring. This cold is getting to me. Meanwhile, grab a few things for your plate, you'll notice it's veggie's and fruits. It's that time of year when I watch my health, I really should keep that up year round on a permanent basis, if you know what I mean? Any way once you settle in, I have a surprise.

I have decided to put one of my novella's to FREE. Now if I could get Amazon to put it to be free, that would be awesome. However, if you only have a Kindle and you would like to have a PDF copy, email me. If you're looking for a fun, quick love story here is one for free.

Meet Me In Fantasyland.
After twenty years of marriage, Rissa Tate’s husband has left her for Blondie of the big Boobs. Can she rebuild a life for her and her children with a childhood friend?

Rissa isn’t as surprised as she should be that her husband left her. She’d had an idea for a few years he wasn’t being faithful. She’d buried her head in the sand for the sake of the twins. He left her four month’s earlier, and now he’s asked her to clear all of his possessions out of their home and do with them what she wants. As she boxes everything for Good Will she comes across her old diaries. In them she finds her entry of the pact she made with Robert, Bobby, Graham to meet in Twenty-five years. That date is in two weeks. Would he be there?

Rob Graham has loved Rissa for as long as he remembered. When they’d been in high school she’d only thought of him as a buddy, the brother she never had. Would she remember their pact? If she did, would she be there?

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