Via Cordova of Good Day San Diego interviews Jenny from Watching Jenny.

Watching Jenny Interview “Good Morning and welcome. I’m Via Cordova and this is Good Day San Diego of WBCH. Nervous doesn’t even begin to express how I feel right now. Finally, I’m going to be interviewing the world famous rock star Blade. It’s not that I’m worried about this interview as much as what my fourteen year old daughter has forced me to do. Get an autographed copy of her newly released CD.

“I’ve interviewed famous people and in the most exotic surroundings but this is the first time I’ve done an interview in a police station. But don’t panic, our guest isn’t behind bars but in the detective squad room while her brand new husband is talking to his boss.”

Via raised a brow toward the camera and then faced her guest. “Shall we begin? America, meet Jenny McGregor. I’m so glad to finally meet you even if the location is a bit unusual.”

Jenny grinned. “Don’t let the atmosphere intimidate you. I know it can be a bit noisy, especially when they bring in a belligerent drunk or worse prostitute—they feel the cops are wasting their time. Time is money, you know. I’m thrilled for this interview. What would you like to know?”

Via straightened a little taller in her seat and consulted her notes. “How did you feel growing up without knowing who your father was and a mother who really didn’t care one way or another about you?

Jenny tilted her head and thought a moment. “I don’t think not having a father is bad, there are lots of single mothers out there who are wonderful supportive parents. However, my mother was young and selfish and had a new man almost every week. And those men were not nice.” Jenny lifted her shoulder in a shrug, seemingly unconcerned, but the camera caught the pain flash in her eyes. “Those men are the reason I ran away. Thank God, for Rich and his family. Not that I recommend running away to those young girls or boys who have an awful home life. My advice would be to reach out to your local girls or boys club. Or go to any hospital, they will direct you to the local child welfare. Hospitals are safe havens for children from birth up.

“Luckily, Collette—my mother, has grown up a lot in the last few years. And now, I know who my father is. Paul and I missed out on my younger years, but I knew him before I found out he was my biological father. Now I know why we always felt a connection.

Via nodded, tapped the end of her pen on her chin. “Do you think your home environment growing up influenced your music and how you relate to the audience?”

“Of course, everyone’s youth plays a big part in their life. It’s what shapes who you are. I want to help young people. That’s why we’ve opened up the school of arts in San Diego. I have high hopes for it. Dan…” Jenny smiled and patted her rounded belly. “…plans to help by giving classes on self defense and how important it is to stay out of gangs. And also where a teen or even a younger child can go for help if he or she wants to escape from one.

“We are so excited for our new baby, we want to do what we can to provide a better environment for our son or daughter.”

Via grinned. “Thank you for the announcement on Good Day San Diego. Congratulations! I promised I wouldn’t keep you long, so one last question. Can fans expect a new CD soon?”

“While we are working on the school we’ve taken a break from recording, but the plan is to be back in the studio within the year.”

Via reached her hand out. “Thank you for agreeing to this interview today. Good Day San Diego wishes you and your husband all the best.”

Jenny shook Via’s hand and smiled. “I’ll take any chance to get the word out about our new school, thank you for the opportunity.”

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Known as Blade with wild pink hair, tattoos and piercings, Jenny McGregor works to keep her life private. But her self-constructed barriers are breached after she receives flowers and threatening notes signed by ‘Runner’.

Desperate to stop the threat before she goes on tour, Jenny hires hunky Detective Dan Janson for protection. Unable to catch the stalker before the tour bus leaves, Dan is forced to stifle his attraction to Jenny. They’re carried along on a dangerous game of cat and mouse from San Diego to Memphis the city of Elvis and the blues. Each day the two draw closer together. When ‘Runner’ lures Jenny away from the tour, Dan’s forced to acknowledge he’s fallen in love with the feisty singer.

Hot on Jenny’s trail, Dan soon learns ‘Runner’ is not one of the usual suspects.

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stanalei said…
Great interview, Mary. Fun to see what the characters are up to now!

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