Joline from the DC Georgetown Gazette Interviews Marnie and Melissa.

Welcome everyone, fall is officially here, and the weatherman has predicited snow in the near future. I've made arrangements to have our weekly get-together's in the Rose House. So enjoy the weather while it's still nice. Fill your plates and have a beverage. Next week we'll be indoors.

This week and for the next couple of weekends we'll be enjoying being the audience of interviews for several magazines.

Welcome Joline from the DC Georgetown Gazette, she will be interviewing identical twins. Marnie and Melissa are prominent business women in the DC/Georgetown area. Have a seat and let's begin.

Joline: Thank you for joining me, Marnie and Melissa.

Marnie smiled and looked to her sister who wore an identical smile. "Should we give her a hint?"

"Yeah." Melissa grinned. "I'm the marketing representative."

Joline: Okay then. Now I know that Marnie owns the Coffee shop in Georgetown. Thank you.

Marnie folded her arms over her chest and lowered her brow. "I don't own a Coffee Shop. I own a coffee boutique where you can come for coffee, pick up a book for book club, find just the right art to hang in the bathroom, and take a perfect bottle of wine home to pair with dinner."

Joline: Goodness, that is empressive. I will most definately need to visit. I certainly meant to before this interview. But life and work got in the way.

Melissa's soft chuckle drew Joline's attention. "I certainly know how that is. I can have plans months in advance, that doesn't mean I'll be able to keep them."

Joline: Since we've established we're all busy women, I suggest we move along with the interview. And what a beautiful place for an interview. I can't believe how many flowers are still in bloom. Not that I know what any of them are.

Marnie gazed out over the array of colors. "You should garden, it's so relaxing. And the wonderful vegetables you can grow with your own hands, it is very rewarding."

Melissa shook her head. "She's telling me these things all the time. I have the black thumb of the family. Anything I touch dies."

Marnie giggled. "They'd do so much better if you watered the damn things."

Melissa shrugged at Joline. "I don't have time to remember."

Marnie just shook her head. "Excuses. Excuses."

Joline: Well I can see I'm more like Melissa than you, Marnie. I bet you two were those twins who were always trading places. Like in the class room and... Even dates?

Both Marnie and Melissa laughed, after a moment Marnie took a breath and answered. "You have no idea how much of a handful we were. The one good thing though, I did all the homework in arts, home econimic, you know all the artsy stuff. On the other hand Melissa had head for business so she did the math, english all the hard stuff."

Melissa stood and walked to the rail. "I think I got the raw end of the deal. While Marnie was out in the garden, I was hard at work at the office desk."

Joline: But both of you are extremely successful in your own fields. How hard is it to run a business or be a marketing representative in this town?

"I'll go first. My career is more traditional. In an office, and all that. But I have stiff competition. Luckily more and more women are my counterparts. Back in the day, the men would have out numbered the woman by a long shot. Still, as I think like a woman, I know I can take on any competition. Men are a different breed, though I'd still place my money on me."

Marnie winked at her sister. "I on the other hand only have Starbucks and the several other coffee shops that spring up on a daily basis. But that is why I have my local artist niche. I carry mostly locals of all my books and arts. The wines are only the best. I have tastings of wine with my buyer once a quarter and I do the same with my coffee buyer. It's more expensive to have the best, but word of mouth is the best advertising you can find."

Melissa turned to Joline. "I think out of the two, she's by far the business woman, she just leads us all to believe she's this modern day free spirited hippie."

Joline: You both stick up for the other and support each other, I love to see that your career's haven't put a wedge between. Any plans for the future?

"I plan to keep the shop running the same as always, I don't see any expansion in the future. I don't want to franchise. I like the small quint feel of the boutique coffee shop. I don't want to loose that."

Melissa nodded in agreement. "Expanding would take the charm away from Marnie's shop. Now me? I'm still trying to decide. I like what I'm doing, it's fulfilling. But is it enough? On the other hand I've always wanted a family, it wouldn't be fair to take on more. I don't want to hire a full time nanny to raise my kids. Right now I can do most of my work from home. Right now I could work from home with just a visit in the office once or twice a month. But I like the powers that be to see me there working my bottom off."

Joline: Oh, I don't see a ring, is this an announcement?

Marnie put her hand over her mouth to keep the laugh in. "No, she's just this big romantic. She believes in the white picket fence and prince charming. No one has the heart to tell her what rubbish it is."

Melissa drew her brows together. "I believe you just did."

Again Marnie held in her chuckle. "Yes, I did. But my dear sister, you need a keeper. But don't worry, I have a plan."

Joline: Oh, I'd really like to hear this plan.

Melissa was shaking her head. "Oh, no you don't. Her plans always go awry. Marnie, I've told you, I do not need help, I can handle my love life on my own."

Marnie grinned. "And you've done so well."

Joline: Well this is certainly interesting. I believe I'll end our interview now and follow up in a couple of months. I think everyone will want to hear how things go. Are you both up for a followup?

Marnie grinned at Melissa. "Yes."

Melissa frowned in return. "I guess."

Romance and Misconceptions
What happens when one small misconception changes the lives of six people? Oops, I mean seven; I keep forgetting little Abbie gets a dad.

Marnie and Melissa Hansen are identical twins, they are totally opposite of each other. Marnie loves anything artsy fartsy, dreams of marrying a passionate struggling artist someday, and she can't stand businessmen. She refers to them as suits, and she doesn't mean it as a compliment. Melissa on the other hand dreams of a family and a white picket fence. The American dream. Mostly she dreams of a future with her boss, David Bowman, who is most definitely a suit and does not want the American dream. Thank you very much!

Jared Collins is a friendly business rival of David's and they compete for many of the same accounts. When Jared's young, impressionable gardener, Shane, overhears a conversation, he decides he needs to take revenge on behalf of his boss. Shane's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he means well. That small misconception is what changes the lives of all of these people, including the beautiful caretaker of Jared's lodge and her daughter.


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stanalei said…
Great interview!
Judy Baker said…
Loved the interview. A great way to get to know the characters in the book.
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Stanalei and Judy for dropping by. I'm glad you like the interview.

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