Welcome everyone! Hope all is well. Kids are back in school. I wish I were on a beach reading. However, that's not going to happen for a long time, we're broke. I had a grand time getting that way. It's all the trip I went on in August, I blame that for my financial shortcomings. And that's okay, I would do it all over again. In fact, I am already planning to go back to Ireland in a few years. I loved it.

Gather your goodies and a beverage. Find a seat and I'll share some pictures with you!


Edinburgh was awesome, though very crowded. We wanted to go to the Tattoo Festival so we purposely planned for August. The busiest month in the UK but we were willing to face a little bit of congestion. What we didn't know that the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was also there. Think New Year's Eve in Time Square. That's how it was every day. Anyway, without further...

Edinburgh Castle

I've always been curious! The Military Tattoo Festival
They had military from ALL over the world. The USA had the air force Drill team and one of the colleges from the Carolina's (I can't remember which)

It's a bit long, but worth watching. It's a bit dark. I'm one of those who actually do NOT use the flash when asked not to. 


Loch Ness
I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Next week Ireland!


stanalei said…
Gorgeous pictures, Mary! Thanks for sharing them

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