Trivia Contest!

Welcome! Grab some goodies from the table and settle in. I'm going to try a little trivia contest. It will include trivia on anything to do with the Beckett's, anything England, Edinburgh, and Ireland. Why you ask, Well, let me tell you!

I'm excited! I'm going to my homeland! I guess anyway, I'm Irish/British and we'll be visiting London, Edinburgh, and Ireland. And coincidentally the Beckett's hail from England.

For the next month, through the end of August, I'm gathering trivia. Actually, you'll be gathering and sharing on Facebook or Twitter #Marystrivia. At the end of August I'm going to take ALL the trivia about the Beckett's, England, Edinburgh, and Ireland and throw it in a hat. The winner will receive ALL four books (signed) of the Beckett series.

Example: Some Beckett trivia would be to tell me where the surname Beckett come from? Or from England, what is one of their most popular dishes. Or from Scotland, what is the Tattoo Festival? Or from Ireland, what movie was filmed in Cong?

Hopefully, that gave you some ideas. Just post the trivia in a comment here, or on Facebook, or Twitter #Marystrivia.

I will post a lot of my pictures when I get back, stay tuned. While I'm gone there will be lots of things going on in the garden! So please check in!


stanalei said…
Have fun visiting your homeland, Mary!!

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