An Interview with The Elders

Welcome everyone. Hope everyone is having a good July! Grab some goodies and fill up with your favorite beverage and find some shade. An author friend and critique partner, Stanalei Fletcher, recently interview the Elders from The Beckett Series. She has given me permission to post her interview.

Stanalei: Today I’ve been invited into the lovely Brooklyn home of my guests, the parents of the Becketts from Mary Martinez’s wonderful romantic suspense series. Martha and Fred Beckett keep their family close and it’s easy to see the love they have for all their children. But I wanted to know more about the Elders of this special clan and how they cope with having their children in dangerous situations.

Stanalei: First of all, Fred and Martha, do either of you have fulltime jobs? If so, what do you do for a living?

Fred patted Martha’s knee and winked at her, then turned his attention back to me. “We’re retired, but, believe it or not, we were both boring old teachers. I taught math and Martha English. Where our kids get their wild streak is beyond me.”

Martha chuckled. “As if you weren’t wild when we were young. You used to come to my house and throw rocks at my window, remember? Then we’d sneak out and go for a wild ride on your motor bike to Coney Island.”

Fred threw back his head and gave a great belly laugh. “And I remember when I accidently broke your window. Instead of my beautiful Martha coming to greet me, the front door opened to reveal Mr. Dolan in all his Scottish glory. He still had a head full of Ginger hair, and he was brawny enough to make my scrawny six foot frame look like a ten year old. I had to use my meager summer earnings to replace the window instead of take Martha to the Fourth of July picnic and fireworks.”

Stanalei: What a fun-loving relationship you two have! Describe for us your reaction when you first learned that your children had chosen law enforcement careers that sometimes put them in danger?

Martha raised a brow at her husband and jumped in to explain before Fred had the chance. “When Tyler went off to train at Quantico I was scared to death. I don’t think I slept the entire time he was there.”

Fred nodded. “When he went to work for a company on the dock, I was never more surprised. We didn’t raise quitters. I should have known something was up.”

Martha smiled softly at me. “I’ve never been so relieved in my life. I’m proud of Tyler, don’t get me wrong, especially when he was going to be a special agent. But when he took on a normal job, or so I thought, I breathed a large sigh of relief.” She reached for Fred’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “Even though it was short lived.”

Stanalei: Sounds like worrisome moments. As a parent of grown children myself, I still worry about my kids. How do you cope, knowing that you could get that awful phone call no parent wants to receive?

“My turn.” Fred raised an eyebrow at his wife almost daring her to speak. “I was elated to know that my son was after such a blackguard, yet at the same time, scared to the marrow of my bones. And when he was hurt, I wanted nothing more than to turn back the clock and put him back in dock work. He would have hated that, but he’d have been safe.”

Martha let go of Fred’s hand, then patted his knee and turned to me. “I was so elated that Jessica followed her dad and me into teaching. And Christine an attorney. Our other kids, Matt and Reagan finance and Glenna shopping for anything. She has such a quint shop that sales her unique finds.” She chuckled. “Safe, right? Hardly, after the last couple of years, I’ve come to realize you have to trust your children. You can’t wrap them in cotton.”

Stanalei: That is so true, Fred. With so many children and their varied careers and schedules, are you able to get the entire family together? If so, how do you make that happen?

“Martha is a born party planner. Every holiday we have a big party, everyone brings potluck. She’s happiest when she is surrounded by her family. Now we’re having grandchildren, Martha is planning crafts for these occasions. Total chaos but she loves it.

Martha smacked Fred on the shoulder. “You love it too, don’t pretend you don’t.” She turned to me and continued. “When someone isn’t able to join us, we pull out the laptop and Skype. And everyone has a good visit.”

Stanalei: How wonderful that you’re able stay in contact with your family that way. One last question. If your children would listen, what piece of advice would you give them now that they are grown to help them as they age?

“That’s easy, always listen to your gut. If what you decide gives you an upset stomach you’re traveling in the wrong direction. If you want to do something and the thought of not committing brings relief, then you shouldn’t do it. But if your decision brings you peace it’s right. Does that makes sense?” Martha looked to Fred for confirmation, he gave a nod of agreement.

Thank you to Fred and Martha Beckett for taking time out their busy schedule to visit with us today. To learn more about the Beckett’s and their lives, you can check out this page on Mary

You can find Stanalei Fletcher on her Web Site.

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stanalei said…
It was a fun interview, Mary. Thanks for letting borrow the Elders for the afternoon.
Mary said…
Thank you. I'm glad you had fun with the Elders!
Entertaining post!

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