Reagan Beckett is in the garden today.

Welcome everyone! I'm very excited to have Reagan Beckett with us today. She had to visit Salt Lake City for a conference and agreed to meet me in the garden.

We're in the Rose Garden one of my favorite places. We have a view of the gardens, water fall, and the amphitheater. And of course we're both having a glass of Pinto Grigio.

"So, Reagan, may I call you that?"

Fort Green Park
She grinned as she gave an affirmative nod. Then took a sip of wine while she drank in the scene around her. "It's very pretty here, we don't have many gardens in New York or Brooklyn. We have our parks, but this is exceptional."

The breeze ruffled her short hair and she took another sip and indicated for me to begin.

"Reagan, I know you only have a few minutes to spare, but I'm very glad you found the time. Just a trivia question, sort of, what was the first place you visited when you reached Brooklyn?"

She giggled, not your normal girl giggle but a deep throated giggle. "That is easy, Putnam's. They have the best Bloody Mary's anywhere!"

"Oh, I love Putnam's, my son lives close and Nikki does make a mean bloody.

Now on to a little more personal questions. I understand you just came out of the agent closet, so to speak, with your family. They thought you were some financial wizard and instead found out you're a special agent like your brother Tyler. What did your family think of that?"

She chuckled, sat her glass on the table and leaned in, she'd removed her leather jacket to drape over the back of her chair, her white tank had a black rose in the middle of her chest. "The Elders were delighted to have me move back home for a while. But I'm not sure they're delighted I'm following in big brother's foot steps."

I sipped and then asked, "What does big brother Tyler and your brother-in-laws, Gabe and David, think?"

She scooted her chair to the side to stretch out her legs and cross her boots at the ankles, I could tell she contemplated how to answer my question. Finally, she sighed. "I'm not sure. Tyler acts like he's welcoming me, but at ever turn he's hoovering over me, like he thinks I'll break. It's sort of annoying. But nice, I've missed my family."

"What do you think of your new sisters and of course little Lucy?"

This time she didn't chuckle but threw back her head and laughed, a couple admiring the roses turned to see where the laughter came from.

"Oh, that little ankle bitter is such a cutie. I'm not used to being around kids, but I'm going through sort of a babtizing by fire, what with Lucy, Sophie, and my Gabby. I'm loving every minute."

I was about to ask another question when she sighed and continued, "It's been a mix of emotions from joy, anger, fear, and back to joy again these past months since I have come home. It's been worth it all."

"Life is full of challenges, but how boring life would be if it were predictable? I know you need to get going, but if you have time, one last question."

She considered for a moment then said, "Sure go for it."

"What do you see on the horizon with you and Paco?"

"Right to the heart of the matter you go. Well to be honest, we're both trying to figure out that very question. The one thing we do know, we want to have an horizon together. Thank you for asking me to join you in this beautiful garden."

"No, thank you! Keep safe in your travels, and give our best to Gabby and Paco."

Reagan's story:

Special Agent Reagan Beckett left Brooklyn for San Francisco ten years ago—and on bad terms with her family. When the World Banking Association (WBA), one of the biggest worldwide financial institutions, is targeted by domestic terrorists, Reagan is called to join the team with two others in New York City. Now she would be home for an extended visit.

Special Agent Paco Luis Perez has heard of the legendary Tyler Beckett and looks forward to working with the man on the assignment in New York. However, when he reads Beckett’s dossier on his flight from D.C., he discovers the Beckett he expected to meet isn’t Tyler.

NYPD Detective Spencer Alexander Williams III, a member of the gang terrorist task force, reluctantly agrees to consult on the domestic terrorist case as the local liaison. He has never liked working with a team; he finds more out on his own. But they need his uncanny knack to anticipate the gang’s movements.

As soon as she receives information on the assignment, Reagan researches her new partners. But does she know enough to literally trust these men with her life?

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stanalei said…
Great interview. Mary and Reagan. Fun to get to know you better.
Mary said…
Thanks for dropping by to meet Reagan!

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