A bit of a ramble

Welcome. It's a bit of a mess around here. But as always, I do have goodies laid out for your enjoyment. Dish up.

I'm at a loss today. I've been very busy with work and finishing the 4th book of the Beckett series. I'm sort of in between. It's too early to promote the new book. I didn't really plan what to post. In other words, I'm unprepared for my blog this week.

Let's talk social media. What do you consider social media? I know Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, (which I consider the worst ever) and what else?

I have MySpace, Pinterest, YouTube, are they consider social media also? Then there is Library Thing, Shelfari, and many, many others! I cannot keep up with them all, I do the best I can, but... So I focus on the major ones. I try to have at least a presence other places. In case someone looks me up. As you can tell I'm rambling. So please, ramble with me a bit. Tell me your favorites. Please let everyone know any hidden secrets you have to social media?

I personally think that Pinterest is the next best thing. It's fun, in fact I play too long there. And it's a great place to post your books and share. I like YouTube also, I'm just not sure how to promote it in my favor. LOL

Okay, your turn. What's your favorites?


stanalei said…
I have no favorites, but I get Facebook. Still not sure if I like it. The rest of social media I don't have a strong grasp on. As a writer, I consider social media a necessary evil. For the most part, I see too much narcissism and my natures is to typically shun the lime-light.
I do have to admit, that social media is window into most people's inner most secrets. That makes great story fodder.

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