What is in a Super Bowl?

Have a seat, it's unseasonably warm in the garden, but I still have heaters around. Fill your plates and have a glass of wine, or whatever. Find a seat and let's start.

It's all about games. Most the American nation watched a game Sunday evening. Not just any game, but the big one. At the end of the NFL season it comes down to two of the best teams. And during that game there are the best commercials, almost a competition. Some people watch only to see what commercials they have. Some people watch for the big name half-time entertainment, Katy Perry this year.

People lose bets, serious money is lost over a game. There are squares that people buy; first, second, half, third, fourth. Plenty of opportunity to win the bucks. But there are plenty to loose also. In the grand scheme of things, is this life changing?

I've never understood the allure of the bet. I don't like to go to Vegas, I have no desire to go to Atlantic City or any other city that offers gambling or better.

Yet, I engage in the odds every day. I write. Am I going to be a success? Will people buy my books? Will I make money? Will this novel be my break out novel? In a way, aren't I gambling every day?

Do you gamble? If so, what's your vice?


stanalei said…
It was a great game Sunday, except for the bonehead call that resulted in an interception. That was a gamble!
Like you, Mary, I write...that's a gamble too. But I love it and so I continue to do it.

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