What's out there?

Good morning or afternoon as the case may be. Today, I'm checking out what is out there. In other words, it's NOT about me. What a refreshing thought, right? Anyway, most of you know the drill. Fill you're plates with healthy goodies (yeah, that time of the diet year) and with refreshing beverages. I have some Skinny Girl wine for those of us who CAN'T go without our wine.

Are you an Indie Author? If so, I have the best cover artist out there. No, I'm not kidding you! Check out her web site. Or just look to your right. Most of my covers are designed by Sheri McGathy, and the cover posted to the left, my cover, she designed. She's easy to work with and her rates are very reasonable. She also has pre-made covers that may work for you. They're a little less than ones she designs from scratch.

Do you need an editor? Well guess what, I have the best editor out there. Nope, I know you think having the best cover artist and editor just doesn't happen. Well it did. And I'm so lucky to have found both! Junie, my editor, is very easy to work with and her rates are unbelievable. Her site is The Final Polish. She doesn't accept rough drafts. It is literally the final round. She isn't a critique partner, or beta reader. She edits grammar and punctuation. So when your manuscript has been the rounds with your crit partners for story and plot holes, sagging middles and all that and you're ready to send to Amazon or an agent you send it to Junie, she'll give it The Final Polish. Check her web site for more information. It may make the difference between a yes or a no with an agent. Or a good or bad review.
So you're not a writer. You're a reader. I have something for you. Judy Baker/Anna Sugg. She writes romance, romantic suspense, and historical westerns. And you'll love her stories. You can find her information on her web site. And you're in luck, she has a January Giveaway. Don't miss out, check it out now.

I hope I've given you a bit of help today. I know that they all help me. Sheri, Junie, and Judy. Covers, edits, and relaxing!


Judy Baker said…
Thanks Mary, great post. I too agree with you, Sheri did a terrific banner and logo for me. I would certainly recommend her services. Thanks for sharing my book cover and website in your post.
stanalei said…
Thanks for sharing who and what is out there, Mary. Love the cover and looking forward to great reads from you and Judy!
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks for dropping by Judy and Stanalei!

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