New York and Brooklyn

Welcome to Mary's winter garden. It's cold, no snow as of yet, just a dusting so far. But I've made sure the heaters are up and running. Grab some food and drink and find a warm place to snuggle in, and I'll tell you about my trip.
From the Brooklyn Bridge
As most of you know my characters from The Beckett Series are from Manhattan and Brooklyn. I visited their neighborhoods while I was there. I thought I'd share some of my pictures with you. I had a lot of fun. And since I love my Beckett's I had even more fun checking out where they would go to Christmas shop or where the Elders have been taking the family since the kids were young.

Also, the Beckett's are going to have a Winter Celebration with a lot of their favorite authors. Save the date, December 10, 2014 all day. Check out the details on Facebook. At the party, I'll reveal a NY/Brooklyn trailer telling everyone about some of the fun things the Beckett's like. I can't wait, it's going to be a fun party

Enjoy the pictures!

Oh, my goodness I forgot to tell you my most important news! We had a new grand baby. Keegan Luke!


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