Lunch, anyone want to have it with Mary?

Feel the Love Contest!
Win lunch with Mary. She wants to show the love to her many fans so here's what she's going to do:  One lucky fan who comments on her blog, contacts her via her web site, Follows her on Twitter, Friends her on Facebook, adds her to Your circle on Google +, Friends and/or Follows on Goodreads or signs up for her newsletter, will receive lunch with Mary. If you're outside the state, Mary will give you a $25 Gift Card for your favorite lunch spot! (If you're already connected, then comment or tweet. Or if you have one of her wonderful books, review it.) Let her show you her love. Contest runs from May 1, 2014, through the summer to August 31 and the winner of the drawing will be announced September 1st.
***No purchase necessary

I thought I had the most amazing friends, fans, and family ever. And then my son had a fire and lost everything. He and the kids are healthy and safe, but their family dog wasn't as fortunate. We'll all miss Duchess, such a sweet friend to my grandkids. I'm so thankful for everyone and how people stepped up and really helped. The love and support was... I'm not sure I have words to describe how I felt. Now more than ever I would love to thank my friends and/or fans with lunch on me. So instead of just one winner, there will be two!
Thanks again


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