Hi, everyone, my big book release is over. And it's time to talk about it. Everyone grab your plates, fill up with goodies, and pour your favorite beverage. Now that you've got the good stuff. Let's get down to business.

Promotion. Now there is a word that is fast becoming a dirty four letter word for me. I know it's more like nine, but I really hate it right now. I've decided that I'm just not good at promotion. This doesn't really make sense to me because I majored in Marketing. I know the concepts, the trends, the demographics, and all the etc. etc. etc. there is. Yet, I plan a release party and did I do awesome? No. I did have a few people really participate, but when it came down to book sales, not much at all.

I went all out this time. I had the release party on four sites. Twitter, Facebook, Mary's Garden Blog, and Google+. Most people checked in at Facebook and my blog. If they did on Twitter, they didn't use the hashtag and I didn't see answers to the trivia. Google+, was a bit better with one person. In the past I've done a release on my blog for a day. Or just the same post for a week and people had to post for a prize. I was hoping that going all out I'd draw in readers and generate interest in my Four Sisters. Nope. I think people enjoyed the trivia, but it didn't generate into sales.

I've done blog tours, several in fact. And none of them have generated into sales either. I'd say maybe my books suck. BUT people have to actually read them and then not buy them in the future for that to be true. And the very FEW people who have read my Four Sisters have given outstanding reviews. So now what?

What have your experiences been with promotion? Is more better? Or less better?

I'd love to have a discussion about what has worked for you. Please share what you do for your books. What you've found works and what you've found does not.



colbymarshall said…
Hm this is a tough question. I tend to think it's more since in sales in general, it tends to take 3 "touches" for someone to buy. I think the more we put out, the faster those touches happen, if that makes sense. So, I think for me, promotion isn't so much measured by how many sales a given promo turns into as it is a piece of overall, trying to get in one of those three touches.
Mary Martinez said…
The 3 touches is new to me. But I was trying for the same concept. Hence the four sites to reach more people. But maybe I should have done three different activities throughout the week.

Thank you!
I love the fact that you tried promoting on different social media, even if you could only see a few people participating in your posts. I suggest you continue what you’ve been doing, since self-promotion really requires time and consistency to gain online presence. Make sure your content could benefit your readers, and promote your books as well. You could also ask the help of online marketers to have a clearer path in your promotion strategy.

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