I've often heard that you know you're an author, if you have to write. I was never sure what this meant. For a while I had the chance to live the dream. I was a full-time author. And nana... Meaning I watched the grandkids a lot. I loved it.

I thought it would be like that for the rest of my life and one day I'd actually make a bit of money at it. Then life happened. My husband was laid off a few years from retirement. No one wanted to hire him at his rate of pay. Especially since he's be retiring in a couple of years. I had to go back to the dreaded day job.

During this time I've found that I must be an author because I have to write. I have too many stories flying through my mind. But when do I write?

I'm gone all day. I take public transit, there is a hunk of time. Then I prepare dinner. Do I want to lock myself in the office when I get home after being at a desk and computer all day? Yes and no. I need to write. But I also have a family who needs me. I have a new grandbaby and another one coming in November. They'll only be young once. If I lock myself in to write I miss their growing up. I also miss a lot of life experiences.

What do I do? I live my life to the fullest. I spend time with my family. I travel. I enjoy cooking. And I even joined a book club. Not one but two. There are four of us in our book club. I believe, besides being fun, that I have learned a lot by reading other genre's. I'm able to see other styles. I think this is one thing I would recommend to another writer. One of the reasons that it is helpful, is that all the members have different tastes. Most of the books I would never had read had I not joined the club.

Yes, I am in another book club. This one just started. My grandson was so jealous that his nana and his other grandma got to go to a book club, so he started his own. We'll see how this one is. But I am working on a story my grandsons helped me plot and I believe these younger books will help with this.

I feel that living life to the fullest can only make my stories more believable. Again, what do I do? I grab whatever crumb of time I can muster to write because I do have to write. I've managed to plan a few weekends a year for writing retreats with my critique partner, or just by myself. Right now that really works for me. Until I retire, I may only publish a book a year or every other year, but I will hone my craft and do the best I can. And sometimes the crumbs of time are interrupted. So I put the baby on my lap and play with her instead of work on my computer. That's life. I have a good life and I wouldn't change it.


stanalei said…
What a cutie. Love your post, Mary!
joye said…
Enjoyed reading about your life. I have yet to read one of your books. You sound passionate about writing so I plan to read one of your books. Sounds like they would be very good.
Mary said…
Thanks Stanalei and Joye for dropping by.

Joye, if you ever do read one or my books, let me know how you like it. I hope you check out my event page, I have some fun things going on.

And both of you are entered into my Feel the Love Contest for Lunch on me! Good luck.
JackieW said…
What a cute baby in the photo. Arn't they the cutest things? And they grow up so fast we hardly have time to enjoy their "babyness".
Mary said…
Thanks for dropping by, Jackie. I think our baby is very pretty, but then what can a Nana say.

I will be entering you into the contest also!

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