Where do you write?

Welcome everyone to Mary's Garden Blog. Please fill up your plate with goodies, find a cool beverage, and find a seat. Today the topic for discussion is writing space.

I have an office at home. A huge L shaped desk, losts of space, and a nice desktop computer (a little on the old side, but still great). So why can't I focus and write? I have all the tools to research. Whether it's on the bookself behind me or on the Internet. So, again, why can't I focus and write? True I have a full-time job, there's a chunk of my day cut out on the commute. When I get home I have to cook dinner, cleanup, and whatever else needs my attention. I'm sure some of you are in the same boat.

You would think that during those precious times that you find yourself with nothing to clean, cook, and shop for you'd be able to focus on your main passion, writing. After all I do want to write and maybe if I'm lucky make a living at it so I don't have to work full time or commute full time. But when I find myself in those rare moments of having the time to actually write, I sit at my desk and think of other things like what to blog. I play on Facebook or Twitter or my latest nemsis Pinterest finding yet another thing I make a board for. Yesterday it was Firefly, then I was off finding pictures of Kaylee, Jayne, Sheppard, and Mal or the list goes on and on! See even writing this I'm off on a tangent.

So then how can I explain that I not only had the time to write this morning, but I swept through 6,130 words to total 19 pages. The only way I can explain it is; I was not at my desk in my cozy little office at home where all my writing tools were. Nope I was at Brew Monkey the local coffee shop. Head phones on listening to Pandora and writing. I guess I'm not tempted to do email, social media (though I did post (on my phone) to Facebook a bit when I came up for air now and then), and other things I play on the Internet.

Why is this? I suppose it's because I'm not at home, maybe? No distractions. I can reach all the social media on my laptop logged onto the free WiFi at the coffee shop, so why? The only thing I can think is that it's got a book case with books of course, and it sort of feels writerly. Did that make sense? And the people who see me there know I go there to write so maybe I feel obligated to write? But then all those things can be said about my office and my family know I write in my office so why doesn't it happen there?

I'd love to hear where your writing space is and why you think you concentrate there better than anywhere else. And/or what makes you more productive?

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you come back again!


stanalei said…
Great post, Mary. One that makes me think about my process. I used to pride myself with being able to write anywhere. But lately, I've struggled to get back in the grove. I think the "feeling writerly" has a lot to do with it. Too bad I don't have Brew Monkey near me. :)
Mary said…
Thanks for responding, Stanalei. Don't give up there may be a coffee shop in your neighborhood that would work. I'm finding that I don't feel as much guilt doing other things when I'm home. I know I've done my writing. So at home I can do other things. And the hubby will be golfing as much as he can on the weekends now he has the grandson to watch the rest of the summer during the week. So I'll have two days at the coffee house. Think of the possibilities!

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