Release day for Three Brides and a Dress!

Welcome to Mary's Garden. Please help yourself to some goodies on the table, and a beverage of your choice. I'm very excited to share Bella with you. She is my bride dress. Yes, I said dress. This isn't a story about the brides or the any other human, this is a story about a dress finding her bride. And along the way we meet some fun people.

Three Brides and a Dress
Hi, my name is Bella and I'm one of Heidi by Design signature creations. I'm a wedding dress. Someday I'll find a young bride with stars in her eyes and dreams of a future with her groom. I can imagine it now. The groom standing at the altar waiting, his gaze fixed to the door where his bride will appear and then walk toward him. I'll hug her curves and she'll shimmer and shine with the promise of what their life will be.

It all sounds simple and easy, doesn't it?


My journey is more of a zig zag than a top stitch along a straight seam as I search for the perfect bride who is my soul mate.

For release week Three Brides and a Dress is free from today through 7/19/2013. Amazon
Check out the trailer;

What do you think? this is a women's fiction and not a romance. I know most of you know me by suspense with romance in it. This is all about Bella. Not the romance of the brides.

In honor of the new release, anyone who comments about this book or any other of my books, follows me on Twitter, friends me on Facebook, etc. will have their name in a drawing for a signed print of one of my books.


Unknown said…
Sounds cute, I am getting it. I sometimes think inanimate objects have feelings too.
L.L. Muir said…
What a fantastic cover!!!
Going to pick up the book now.

stanalei said…
I think it sounds like a fascinating story. Good luck with the promo!
Mary said…
Thanks everyone! I'm glad you all like it. If you do read it, let me know how you like it.
Mary, I usually love reading anything romance and I've thoroughly enjoyed when a book has had animal/animals' POV and plays a major role. But I think this sounds very intriguing and can't wait to see how you did a dress. Got to love your imagination. Wishing you much success with this book. Will be searching for it shortly.
Mary said…
Thank you for dropping by. I hope you pick up a copy. Let me know how you like it.

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