2013 Author Challenge Check in!

Welcome back to Mary's Garden. It's been six months since six authors started their 2013 Author Challenge. So let's see how they're doing.

Melissa Mayhue: Up and down [and up and down], but as of today I am one pound lower than when we finished the challenge. So, I'm considering that a "Maintained" and counting myself as on track. :-) If all continues, by Christmas, I might actually be down a whole Five Pounds more!! lol

Stanalei Fletcher: Sad to report, I've gained back all I've lost, but I'm walking 2 miles every day. Been doing that for about 5 weeks now and I'm gaining weight. I know muscle weighs more that fat and I'm really hoping that it what is going on here and that next month I'll start to see more inches and pounds fall away.

Annie Whitaker: I've kept 3 pounds off, I've lost and regained another 3, back and forth.

Marie Sterbenz: I have not lost any weight but I have dropped two sizes. Right now we are on vacation and have been since June 18th and am still wearing the same size clothes as when we left home.

Judy Baker: Hello everyone, first of all I hope you summer is a good one regardless of how you feel about your weight. Up and down, one pound and staying the same size sounds good to me. I wish I could say I was going up and down or slipped off one pound, or even stayed in the same size, BUT, not, I GAINED.

Mary Martinez: I have gone up and down, several times but I keep landing right where I ended when we last checked in. Sitting right at 11 lbs lost since we started and I still need to lose the 14 pounds I was supposed to have lost by now. But at least I don't need to lose more, correct? And I have started walking 30 minutes during my lunch almost every day at work.

Now our next check in will be December 30, 2013. We are checking in after Christmas. That way we are less apt to pop something in our mouth more than once, twice, or even three times during the holidays!
Good luck to the everyone for the last part of the challenge.


stanalei said…
Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Mary.
Melissa Mayhue said…
Thanks for providing the challenge to stay on track. Here's wishing everyone participating a successful -- and healthy! -- six months! Talk to you in December!!

~ Melissa
Mary said…
No! Thank you for keeping me focused. I guess we're keeping each other in line!

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