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I haven't rambled about anything for a while. So, I think I will. Before we start though, welcome to Mary's Garden Blog. It's a beautiful day and I have a full array of finger foods and beverages to go with them. Help yourselves, then find a nice shady spot and relax. I hope you all join in and voice your thoughts on my current rambling topic, book signings.

Why do you as a reader go to a book signing? This is not a rhetorical question. I mean, I know why I as an author have them, duh, to find new readers and promote my book. Those are just two of the reasons.

As an author I think it's important that I know why a reader would come to my book signing.

Last week I had a book signing with four other authors. It went well, however, when all was said and done money wise I was upside down. I need to consider for the future, was it worth it? Or should there even be signings in my future?

As I write this, well not literally but you know what I mean, I'm in the process of making a list of potential book stores where myself and my fellow authors can have more signings. This is where this rambling about book signings started. To book sign or not to book sign, that is the question. Okay that was rather hokey. But I am truly wondering if this is worth my hard earned royalties, little though they may be.

As an author trying to decide whether to go forth and book sign. I need to decide; If this is worth the dollars and the work, if it is beneficial to promoting my work, am I attracting new readers. So here are a few questions for everyone reading this who are readers.

1. Have you ever attended a book signing?
2. If so, why did you go?
3. If you have attended a book signing, what was it you liked?
4. What do you think an author should do to make a book signing more beneficial to readers?
5. If you have never gone to one, what would entice you to do so?
6. Would you ever go to a book signing of an author you'd never heard of?
7. What draws you to a new author? (Not really on topic, but still interested to know.)

Thank you, for sharing your thoughts. This will help me and other authors decide if book signings are really worth the time, effort, and money for our careers. And more important if the time, effort, and money is well spent for our readers.


Doree DePew said…
Great questions Mary. I hope to find some insight into these questions myself. I enjoyed the signing because of the companionship and meeting readers, but profit wise was upside down for me as well.
stanalei said…
Very good questions, Mary.
I've attended several book signings and as a reader, I go to meet the author. I'm a bit shy, so it's always never racking to attend. I'm never sure what to say to the author. But it's really great when the author is smiling and friendly and puts me at ease. I'm sure the author is nervous too. So it's great when we connect.
I liked seeing you and all my friends. Also, great to find a new bookstore to shop. So cool!

I've heard the book signings aren't about making money, more about connecting with other writers and fans. Thanks for holding the signing.

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