Double the Romance! (Continuing with my poor neglected stories)

Here comes the next installment of my neglected stories. And in this one you get double the fun with Marnie and Melissa. Two romances in one!

I'm late, it should have been up this morning. Why wasn't it, you ask? Because of the wedding! That is my catch all excuse until after June 1, 2013. My youngest daughter is getting married in our backyard that evening. What was I thinking? This is Utah, it could rain, it could have gale force winds, IT COULD SNOW! I'm stressing. So sorry I was a day late, I will do my best not to let Madison and Brady down next week!

Congratulations to Stanalei Fletcher! Last weeks winner, she commented and won a copy of Watching Jenny.

Romance and Misconceptions

What happens when one small misconception changes the lives of six people? Oops, I mean seven; I keep forgetting little Abbie gets a dad.

Marnie and Melissa Hansen are identical twins, they are totally opposite. Marnie loves anything artsy fartsy, dreams of marrying a passionate struggling artist someday, and she can't stand businessmen. She refers to them as suits, and she doesn't mean it as a compliment. Melissa on the other hand dreams of a family and a white picket fence. The American dream. Mostly she dreams of a future with her boss, David Bowman, who is most definitely a suit and does not want the American dream. Thank you very much!

Jared Collins is a friendly business rival of David's. When Jared's young, impressionable gardener, Shane, overhears a conversation, he decides he needs to take revenge on behalf of his boss. Shane's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he means well. That small misconception is what changes the lives of all of these people, including the beautiful caretaker of Jared's lodge and her daughter, Abbie.
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And because Marnie and Melissa are very irritated at me for the neglect, I'll be giving away on download of Romance and Misconceptions. All you have to do to get in the drawing for the download is comment and let me know if you've read a book of mine, or if you follow me on Twitter or have 'liked' my Facebook Page, or even follow me on my newest favorite play media... Pinterest! But you have to tell me in a comment that you have.
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Wonder suspence Thank you darling Mary I would love to read this lovely romance signed by you , Greetings and Love Jarnail my email
stanalei said…
Romance and Misconceptions is great read filled fun twists and misunderstanding. You'll love it!

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