2013 New Year's Author Challenge Results

Drum Roll please!
It's time to reveal the grand total of everyone's results!
Everyone's Final Results are:
Melissa Mayhue: Wow... 11 pounds! Congratulations!!! I stayed the same this week. Walked three times. So, my GRAND TOTAL for the 6 weeks is 5 pounds. [Ugh. It's on there with SuperGlue...] Hoping for better news by July and wishing all my fellow dieters all the best! While I'd obviously LIKE to lose more, I hate depressing myself by not hitting the darn goal. :-) So... TEN pounds by July. And any more than that I'll feel like I'm extra special.

Annie Adams: I'm pleased to announce that after this hellish last week, filled with the fastest of fast food, and high calorie treats from well-meaning folks, I didn't gain one pound. In fact, I think that once the swelling in my legs and well--the rest of me goes down from work, I may have actually lost a pound. My goal will be 12 lbs by July.

Marie Sterbenz: I am down one pound and my total for the six weeks is four pounds. I plan to keep going. I thank all of you for helping to keep each other motivated. I'm hoping to lose 15 lbs by July. I am also keeping it low.

Stanalie Flecther: I’m down a total of 5 for the 6 week period. But the habits are there and that was the other thing I wanted to accomplish. I’m hoping for a great report in July too. Good work and see you all in 6 months.

Judy Baker: I've been working out during the week day and this 6th last week was a surprise. I actually looked forward to stretching and sweating my muscles. I've been taking Sat. & Sun off and going back to my workout on Mondays, but since my hubby is out of town, I got up this morning and worked out. Crazy, huh? Thanks to all of you for jump starting me with my workout and developing a habit, which was overdue to a downhill body. Looking forward to out 6 months checkin.

Mary Martinez: I lost 1 lb this week, did my regular 10 minutes walking per week day. And my GRAND TOTAL lost for the 6 weeks is 11 lbs! I’m very excited. Thank you all. I have 14 pounds to lose before our July Check in!

We have decided to have a follow up/check in July 8, 2013, to see how everyone has done. So please mark your calendars and drop back in. Maybe we'll have some good recipes too!


stanalei said…
Overall, Mary, I'd say the challenge was a success. I know I wouldn't have gone as much as I did on my own. Thanks to everyone for your support.
Melissa Mayhue said…
My thanks to all my fellow dieters... and especially to Mary for organizing us. It was wonderful to have the motivation of accountability as I started this process. See you all in July!

~ Melissa
Mary said…
Okay, I can't take all the praise. It was PURE selfishness on my part. I couldn't stick to a program by myself so thinking purely of myself I asked a my friends to join me. So all the thanking should come from me! Because with out all of you motivating me I would not have done it. Now I hope the July date keeps me in line for the other 14 lbs.

Believe or not... I actually started with my hand weights last night. I got to thinking if I have a sleeveless dress for my daughters wedding I can't have flappy arms or I might fly away!

Thanks again everyone!

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