New Year Author Challenge

I would like to challenge other authors out there who are like me. They have their butt in a chair 24/7 whether it's all writing or part, day job and part writing. Then along comes the holiday's and on goes the poundage.

What I'd like to do is: eight weeks of competition from January 7, 2013, to Feb ?, 2013--depends on how many authors. Some of us want to lose weight, some of us want to lose inches, and others would like to get into shape. On January 7th, we'd all post our goals for the eight weeks. I would also post one to four calorie friendly recipes.

Every Monday after that I'd like to post one to four calorie friendly recipes, and an author spotlight. The number of participants will determine the number of recipes each week. I would like to keep it to each of us share two calorie friendly recipes per the eight weeks, total.

Each Friday, each author would send me their weekly results and I'd post. Basically I'd be in charge of posting everything, you'd all just need to send me your information.

What's in it for everyone? Just this. I would remove all my stuff on the right side and ALL authors participating would have their latest book cover and a link to their web site. And of course each author would have their day to be highlighted. I'm thinking that these highlights will focus on your routine, and what your writing process is, along with your WIP. Our libraian in our little town said this is of great interest, in her experience, for fans/readers of their favortie author, makes them a bit more human to the reader.

As for the grandprize of what you win if you do the best? I'm thinking once I find out who will participate, we'll decide what to do.

I hope to have at least eight participates, I have two interested already, but if we get more or less, we'll work it out. Please email me at mary (at) mary martinez dot com (no spaces) if you'd like to participate by December 31st and that will give me almost a week to hammer out the details.

So basically your part would be approximately two calorie friendly recipes and a  interview/author highlight. In exchange a challenge to lose pounds or inches or just get into shape and FREE promotion. And think whoever participates will bring in their fans to share with us all. A win, win situation!

Are you up to the challenge?


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