Interview with Debut Author Stanalei Fletcher

Welcome Stanalei Fletcher everyone, she has a debut novel out along with a short story. I’m so excited to be one of the first to interview her. And in our beautiful winter wonderland garden, too. Everyone grab something warm to drink and some nice sugary treats.

Mary: Tell us a bit about Stanalei, you know the non-writing Stanalei.

Stanalei: Well, first of all, I love sugar, so thanks for bringing some. And thank you for having me in the Garden. I’m so honored that you’re doing my first interview, Mary.

The non-writing Stanalei has a day job in computer software support. For play, I’ve done martial arts for over 20 years. Sometimes my husband and I will take off on the Harley for a ride. We love visiting National Parks and museums. Gardening through the summer is something we both look forward to.

Mary: Now, we all want to hear about you as an author. What do you like to write (Genre) and why.

Stanalei: My first passion for writing is Romantic Suspense. With favorites like Alistair MacLean, Tom Clancy and James Rollins, it’s hard not have high stakes and action in the story. So when you see that my first published stories are dreamscapes and time-travel it seems like I took a wrong turn somewhere. The excuse I’m sticking to is that I love sci-fi and speculative fiction as well as the thriller/action stuff, too. Stargate-SG1, Enemy Mine, Abyss, or Firefly anyone?

Mary: Firefly, how has Joss Whedon influenced your writing? (I’m so excited I can ask that question! Love Joss)

Stanalei: Joss Whedon is an amazing story-teller. I fell in love with Firefly the first (only) season it was aired. When the DVDs were released I had to have them, and I watch them at least once a year. I’ll also twist anyone’s arm to watch the series and defy them to not LOVE it.

I can’t really say that Mr. Whedon has influenced my writing as much as taught me about the importance of a great story and amazing characters. That man loves telling stories for his fans. What better example of a writer can anyone have?

Mary: Where can we find you? Web site, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads? And after you give us the down low, where did you come up with the unique and awesome design for your web site. It’s so easy to follow, and it’s just you… So anyone who doesn’t know Stanalei only needs to go to the website and you’ll have an idea of who Stanalei is when you leave.

Stanalei: Thank you for your kind words about my website. I’m glad you found it easy to navigate. Designing the site was a way to express some creativity and see instant results while waiting to for a contract on my stories.

In my day job, I work with computers and software and figured I’d teach myself HTML and do my own website. I didn’t make the design from scratch, but found a great CSS template. So far, the site has had a good reception and it’s been easy for me to keep up. I loved developing something unique and intriguing for the visitor.

The address is You can also find my author page on Facebook. And of course I’m on Twitter as @StanaleiFletch and Goodreads under Stanalei Fletcher.

Mary: Please tell us about your short story Imperfect Dream ~ Perfect Reality. Along with a blurb.
Stanalei: Imperfect Dream ~ Perfect Realty was a dream. I woke up one morning after the dream and had the entire story written by noon that same day. I’ve never had anything come to me as quickly and clearly as that story. It was originally published as The Twilight by The Wild Rose Press. When I got my rights back, I knew it was story I wanted to have “out there” again. Having it available to self-publish has given me the perfect opportunity to offer a short sample of my writing to reader.

Here’s the blurb:
When Cindy’s dream man literally climbs out of her bed and into her life, her mediocre existence suddenly becomes extraordinary.

But sometimes, dreams are just dreams. And sometimes, reality holds the true promise of tomorrow.

Mary: Drum roll please… Now for Stanalei’s debut Novel Lightning Only Strikes Twice. Again tells us where you came up with the idea and give us a blurb please.

Stanalei: Lightning Only Strikes Twice started out with one of those what-if’s questions. It simmered for a couple years, while I gathered bits and pieces of research and other ideas, until one day, I was reading an article in TIME magazine about time-travel in the mind. In that moment, I had the opening line and the book almost wrote itself.

Here’s the idea:
The body travels forward through time at the rate of one second per second. Yet the mind moves forward and backward at will, recalling past events and speculating on future circumstances. What if the experience could be shared? What if those recollections weren’t a memory, but reality?

Here’s the Blurb:
After her grandfather’s death, mounting debts force Annie Crawford to sell her inheritance to uphold her family’s honor and avoid bankruptcy. Financial stability comes with an even higher price. Her heritage. She must rebuild her legacy from nothing.

Purchasing Annie’s property means three things to Luke Maxwell: Financial burden on Maxwell Development. Opportunity to propel his career to the top by developing the old ghost town. And, ultimately, approval to take over his father’s company. All of which take precedence over his attraction to the pretty seller.

While touring the property, Annie and Luke are whisked back in time to the 1891 mining community. Together, they endure antiquated hardships and turn to each other for familiarity. Comfort soon becomes passion. As they face a lifetime in the wrong century, Annie and Luke discover a predestined responsibility to the future. Can the love they’ve propagated in the past take root in the present?

Mary: Thank you for dropping by today, Stanalei! Now I have the great privilege of reviewing your two books.

Stanalei: Thank you, Mary, for having me in the Garden. I normally don’t talk so much about myself, it was probably all that sugar, but it’s been fun to share with your readers. I hope you and your readers enjoy the stories.

Review for Lightning Only Strikes Twice
I do not usually read time travel. This one is not your typical medieval time travel though. Nope, Annie and Luke travel back to the late 1800's to a small town in Idaho. It's small town now and then. This story had everything I love, suspense, romance, and intrigue. It's has a good lesson also, but you'll have to read it to find out what it is. But be careful, once you pick it up you won't want to put it down. Well done Ms. Fletcher!
5 Poinsettias
Review for Imperfect Dream ~ Perfect Reality
Cindy wakes up next to her perfect man, she wonders where he came from? But does it really matter? Enjoy him. This is a great short story. I didn't want it to end. I wanted to know what happened with Cindy and the Sam Elliot voice guy. You'll need to read it to find out what I mean. Another Kudo to Ms. Fletcher!
4 Poinsettias

Thanks again, Stanalei, for joining us!


stanalei said…
Thank for having me today, Mary. I enjoyed answering your questions and sharing a bit about my stories. I hope your readers enjoy them.
Nice interview ladies. Another Firefly fan. We have the DVDs too.
Have to love Joss.
Beautiful covers and Yeah for the 99 cent discount price.I hope it drives sales through the roof.
stanalei said…
Thanks for stopping by, Sandy. .99 is hard beat. Have a great day.
Caroline said…
Loved the interview, Stanalei! I learned a lot about you. LOL

My hubby and I used to ride quite a bit. I miss zipping along the road and seeing all the sights....

Hi Mary!
stanalei said…
Thanks for stopping by, Caroline. Riding is just part of lives and it's fun.
L.L. Muir said…
I'm so excited for you, Stan!
And I knew Firefly would get slipped in there somewhere!
stanalei said…
Thank you L.L. And you're right, Firefly is a guilty addiction of mine.
Anonymous said…
Great interview, ladies, informative and fun. I can easily run the gamut from romance to James Rollins to Sci-fi too. Gotta cover all the bases, LOL. Super excited for you, Stanalei, and LIGHTNING ONLY STRIKES TWICE is already purchased and downloaded on my Kindle waiting for me to get a breather to start it. Wishes for much success with both novels!
stanalei said…
Thanks for stopping by, Mae. Hope you enjoy the Lightning.
Sabra Bowers said…
Enjoyed learning more about you, Stanalei. Much success with your story and book. Will visit Mary's Garden again.
Mary Martinez said…
Hey Stanalei,
Sorry I'm so late getting here. The day job and then trying new recipes tonight. But you'll be here all week. So it should be fun.

So everyone! Check out her books because I've read them and they're great.

Thanks everyone for dropping by. Come by and say hi another time during the week also.
Mary Martinez said…
Ladies, what a great interview! Well done, both of you. I've had the privilege of reading Stanalei's time travel stories and love them. I'm a dedicated fan and am looking forward to future books. I agree with Sandy, the covers are gorgeous. Stanalei, here's wishing you the greatest of success. Cheers Jude Bown (posted by Mary for Jude)
stanalei said…
Thanks you Sabra and Jude. And as Mary said, I'm here all week. I'll have say away from the sugar...well, except for the hot chocolate. I'll use the cold as my excuse to indulge.
Annie Adams said…
Sorry I'm late Stan! You need to talk about yourself more often, you're so interesting! I'm afraid to admit it, but I've never watched Firefly. Now wait a minute before you hit me ;) I've never had cable TV, but I will rent the DVDs. I've seen 3 Firefly references in the last day and a half so I think it's a sign. I love your books, Stanalei, keep them coming.
stanalei said…
Thanks for stopping by to say hi, Annie. And you'd love Firefly. Put it in your letter to Santa.

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