Thanksgiving week contest

I've decided to hold a contest this week. It's Thanksgiving a time of giving, and being thankful. I would love to hear everyone's family traditions, any recipes, and/or what you are grateful for.

We're breaking a bit with tradition this year. Our family is growing and there's all the in-law's and also we have some of our grandkids have step families. So it's hard to schedule us all together for dinner.

This year I'm going to have Thanksgiving Breakfast. French Toast Casserole (My friend gave me the recipe from a tailgating site here's the recipe) with breakfast sausage and potatoes. I'll let you know how the recipe goes.

Then in the evening we'll have the traditional dinner. Turkey & Stuffing, potatoes and gravy, corn, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Last year I did candied yams and Jamaican yams. This year I"m doing candied yams and spicy sweet potatoes (one of the judges from my work shared the recipe, here's the recipe) I may change the spices in the recipe I'll let you know!

This way the kids and their families will hopefully be able to join us for either breakfast or dinner. Next year I'm going to consider having our Thanksgiving the Sunday before or after.

The contest will run until 11/24 and I will post the winner on Sunday 11/25. Everyone who shares something with us in the garden will have their name placed in a drawing for a signed copy of one of my latest releases. Winners choice of Disappear (Book I The Beckett Series), Innocent (Book II The Beckett Series) or Three weddings and a Dress.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Debby said…
When we get together, everyone contributes something to the meal. I love sharing and we all give thanks that we have another year together.
debby236 at gmail dot com
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Debby. I think that's a great tradition. Thank you for sharing. Have a nice holiday season!
Anonymous said…
Since, most of my family has passed or are in different states. Thanksgiving in the 1980's was my job, my mom did Christmas eve and sister did Christmas day. So I cooked for about 12 people for well over 10 years. Pumpkin crumble cheesecake was my best dessert. Now for my husband & I it's dinner out and a Bisquick pumpkin dessert.
Mary Martinez said…
Oh Suzanne, that pumpkin crumble cheesecake sounds awesome! Thank you for dropping by!

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