Calistoga in the Fall

Our daughter got married last week at a little Ranch in the hills above Calistoga, CA. Very beautiful. We stayed a couple of days at my sister-in-law's in Calistoga and then we spent another couple of days at the Mayacamas Ranch, so I thought I'd share some of our trip. I won't bore you with the wedding. But the scenery!

The first day we stayed at Caroline and Kirk's home. We went to lunch at a fun little place, had the best pizza and can I remember the name? Nope--sorry. But the rest of the day Caroline spent time in the kitchen. It was like taking cooking lessons. I had so much fun, and I will be trying these dishes out. You'll have to wait until I do for the recipe. She was just adding things, etc. No measurements, of course she'd made it several times before.

I'll just tell you what we made, in no particular order (I feel like Ryan Seacrest when he's letting everyone know the bottom three, in no particular order. LOL)

Chicken and mushrooms with a black bean sauce (not the Spanish kind)

Ham fried rice, one of my favorite rice dishes.
Fried Egg Rolls, these were so yummy! I can't wait to try all of these! Don't worry I'll share.
The next day, the guy's went golfing and I took some pictures of them right from Caroline's back yard. Yup they live next to the course.
I'll share a bit of the Calistoga scenery.

We are in wine country! LOL so here are some tastings. We did a bit of wine and sparkling wine.
Okay, now the MayaCamas Ranch
Father and Bride, the night before at the Square Dancing
Yeah, I didn't remember my square dancing moves! But we had fun.
The wedding, bride and groom with the minister.
 Our last evening, dinner in Younstville at Hurleys!
If you ever get to Napa, you need to try this. Wild Boar! BEST!
I hope you enjoyed a little bit of my trip! We had a good time.


stanalei said…
Now that looks like a blast. Thanks for sharing your fun, Mary.
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks, we really did have a good time. But I always do if it involves cooking and wine!

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