Reveiw of: Touching Heaven by Marie Higgins

Touching Heaven (Volume 2) (The Grayson Brothers)
By Marie Higgins
Peter Grayson is traveling the wayward path against his family's wishes, gambling to earn his living after his brother was shot and killed. Needing to experience life to the fullest now, Peter travels to Texas to reclaim his granddaddy’s sugar-cane plantation. Finally, he saves enough from his gambling winnings to buy back the family home, but he’s robbed and left for dead. He’s nursed back to health by a kind—and mysterious doctor. Seeking revenge for the injustice dealt him, Peter tracks down the young thief and his lovely sister, Cecilia Ashby. Not only is Cecilia living on Peter’s plantation, but she’s keeping secrets of her own.

Peter Grayson reminds me of the old time gambler. I watched Maverick, then the reruns, then the movie with James Gardner. And I love Peter every bit as much. Cecelia is a strong heroine who wants to serve the town she loves as a doctor, save her brother from himself and last but not least save their beloved home. And she doesn't approve of gambling. But she approves of Peter, even if she shouldn't. Peter also wants her home. And if you want to find out why, you're just going to have to read it. I really liked it. Great characters, suspense and romance....Wonderful job Ms. Higgins!
I give this a 5 Dahlia

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Marie Higgins said…
Thanks for a great review, Mary! I'm glad you enjoyed my historical - even though I know historical is not your favorite genre. :)
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks for visiting! Great book.

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