Lobster in the Garden again

I've updated a recipe I made last summer. Lobster Penne Pasta.

The only changes I made was to use half and half regular instead of fat free, and I used 1/4 cup more to make it creamier. Then I added shrimp to go with the lobster.

Other than that, the same. Those little tweaks made all the difference. Pairs wonderful with Riesling. Enjoy!

Of course, as instructed I added the cheese 1/2 cup at a time to the crock pot let it melt until smooth, then added more. I tend to get board while waiting. Not so today. I have so many corks around here I decided that the grandkids would make cork trivets at Papa and Nana night. However, I had to make one first.

Turned out well if I do say so myself, though I can't find my glue gun so they're just sitting there for now. We have enough corks to make 7 more, with corks left over! (Me thinks I drink too much)


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