Picture a girl of 15 in the 70's. Listening to her favorite album, yes, not a CD or iTunes or even vinyl. An album, that's what they were called back then.

Sun shining through the bright yellow curtains, light dancing across the orange and yellow shag carpet. The girl sits on the edge of her canopy bed, tying tiny knots around her old thermal shirt she wears to ski in.

She hopes that when it's dipped in the dye that a grovey tie dye red and blue shirt will mix and go with her favorite coveralls, which she'll wear with either her moccasins or hell just bare feet. Her current favorite band is playing on the record, Southern Cross, which drifts into Our House, and continues on to all her fav's from Crosby, Stills and Nash and Young. 

Little does she know that in the far off future she'll be enjoying Crosby, Stills and Nash at her favorite venue Red Butte Gardens, in the next century and reliving that day....


stanalei said…
Hope you had a great time. I loved this post!
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Stanalei, It was a GREAT concert. But Ron won't let me have a wine and tie dye party. I was already to get me a thermal top and tie dye it red, maybe with a big U on it LOL.

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