Interview with Law Reigns

Good Morning everyone! Today we have as our guest, Law Reigns, and she will tell us all about her Young Adult Superheroes Wear Faded Denim. You all know where the goodie table is, help yourselves to some food and drink and let's begin.

Mary: Who inspires you?

Law: Oftentimes I am inspired by those who overcome obstacles to better themselves and others. These people can be someone like Harriet Tubman who overcame Narcolepsy to lead her peers to freedom or just an individual who experienced a personal triumph. Such as Dawn Loggins. If you have never heard of her, she just moved from the streets of homelessness to the swanky dorms of the Ivy League.
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Superhereos Wear Faded Denim
by Law Reigns
Blissany Cherry is tired of sleeping around. Her neurologists’ sleep solutions have failed her. Now that her bizarre sleeping habits have begun to include week long dreams she has resorted to her own methods for a cure.

METHOD ONE: CONTROL DREAMS. All attempts to morph dreams about a gorgeous warrior into romantic fantasies are thwarted. He keeps on insisting she is destined to marry a great king and lead their armies into war. At the end of every dream he asks her: will you fight the war and save mankind?

She laughs in his face.

METHOD TWO: RESIST! Blissany has plans for her life. None include fighting an intergalactic war. When her dreams begin spilling over into reality, she is forced to make a decision that will forever redefine her life. Standing between destiny and desire, she is left with only one option.


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Mary Martinez said…
Thank you for visiting with us today, Law. I hope you have much success.

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