We are on vacation!

Our time in Baltimore

We arrived on Saturday for a visit with our son and his girlfriend. Sunday I made my husband and Meredith go with me to tour around Boonsboro, MD (Nora Roberts town) I wandered her bookstore. The area is beautiful. I know I am a geek.

Everything we have done with the kids has been great, but everything else not so much. Last night we went down to the bar and asked if it was too late to be served coffee and a dessert, the bartender said no not too late. After 30 minutes of waiting we gave up. I called the front desk after three tries (because none of the buttons on the damn phone say the right thing)

Then today we were stalked by this guy who followed us two blocks...

Then tonight more poor service at the Radisson in Baltimore again tonight. Sure the front desk called and left a message about credit for our experience last night, but we couldn't use it because the same bartender, Sergio, was there and he said he was too busy to serve any more tonight. Yet the table next to us and several others got food and not just a piece of pie (which is what we ordered last night) but hot food. And last night we were told by the front desk when I called after not being served, that the only place we could get food after ten was room service.

Yet tonight people were being served at eleven. Then we went to get the car to take our son and girlfriend home and our parking pass had expired. Yet we had paid for four nights. The parking attendant not only would not let us out but he made the people behind us back up so we could park and walk the two blocks back to the hotel. Oops apparently when we checked in the desk person was supposed to give us another pass. And then when we finally get back to the room at midnight we decide to get some chips from the machine--that takes exact change only--and it just drops the money through and we couldn't even get our chips. I guess I should be grateful that it didn't eat our money.

I am going to be very happy to move on to New York tomorrow!


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