The rest of our trip and things

Okay here is a wrap up of our trip to Baltimore and NYC.

We had a great time in Baltimore with the kids, but I doubt we'll ever go back, we just weren't that impressed. However, we did love the country side. The Town of Boonsboro, where Turn the Page bookstore is, and the Boonsboro Inn is awesome. Here's a few pics.


Boonsboro Inn
Vesta Pizza
And as always when we travel we look for wine. And on the way back to Baltimore we found wineries. Elk Run and Black Ankles. The Black Ankles was awesome. Elk Run I had to get a wine glass because two of my grandsons go to Elk Run Elementary. LOL. I know terrible.

Last I checked in we were getting ready to go to Joanne's (Lady Gaga's parents restaurant) Well we were disappointed. It was small like everywhere in NYC, however they had crammed so many tables in, it was uncomfortable. Our waiter was not great, and the food was only okay. So we were bummed.
Of course the wine was good though!
The next day we spent at the parks. Central Park (love it)
You got to ride the carousal!

View from the North side of the reservoir
Strawberry Fields

Hudson Park!
Hanging with my friends
Brooklyn Bridge on the way to Jessica Beckett's Home (Innocent 2nd book of the series)
Christine Beckett's Brownstone (Quiet 3rd book of the series)
But most of all I just love NYC
Time Square
Highlights from the Yankee games, both in Baltimore and NYC
Jeter (Baltimore)
Yes this is a highlight!
Well you've been caught up on my trip. I've been home for a week and my desk is finally cleared. Whew! And of course back to reality. 


Marie Higgins said…
Fun pics, Mary! I'm glad you had such a great time. And that last pic... Yeah, what a highlight! hahaha

Mary Martinez said…
Yes and that's one of my husband's pics. MMMMM.... LOL
stanalei said…
Welcome home Mary. The pics are great. Thanks for sharing.
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Stanalei, I want to go back LOL But I can't afford it.
Mary, it looks like your trip was a success! I am such a push over when it comes to touring wineries. Lol

Yikes, I can only imagine how high your piles were on the desk when you returned. Congratulations on finding your desk top once again. :-)

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