New York city

One of my favorite towns.

This is going to be short. I forgot to tell you about one of our fun times in Baltimore. We had some great food in little places the kids took us too in the neighborhoods. Then we had a blast playing yahtzee at a little wine bar. Our Yankee seats were awesome, too bad they lost. Derek treated us! Hopefully when we go this Saturday at Yankee stadium they will do better.

So now we are in New York, we walked the Brooklyn bridge and then had pizza at a little place around the corner from the famous Grimaldis. In my opinion much better pizza. It was called Ignazio's. Then we Took the train back to Soho and wandered around.

Now we are getting ready to visit Joanne's restaurant Lady Gaga's parents place. Yes we know we won't see her there, we are not that geeky. Though we have heard it is excellent, which is why we are going.

I will post when I get home to share more about our trip and pictures.

Have a good weekend.


stanalei said…
Sounds like Baltimore was town with service from hell. Good thing you're on to NYC! Have fun.
Mary Martinez said…
Yeah, they really didn't care. Though when I get home I have to make sure I let enterprise car rental that we had a very good experience with them.
Marie Higgins said…
Baltimore sounds like a very bad place. Gads, that is just awful. I'm glad you're doing better in NYC.

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