Welcome Zoe Winters to the Garden!

Welcome everyone to the garden. I’m so excited everyone, we have Zoe Winters as our guest today. I have never met Zoe, and I’m excited to get to know her. You guys know the drill, fill your plates with goodies, and your glasses with the beverage of your choice. Okay settle in and get ready.

Mary: I have been exploring your web site, awesome. I love it. Can you share where you get your ideas? I know you probably hate that question, but…. Inquiring minds want to know.

Zoe: I don’t really mind the question. :) It just depends on the book. Really, ideas come from everywhere. Like the other day I was making a joke on either Twitter or Facebook about how getting Z and Fiona (From my upcoming The Catalyst) to copulate was like trying to get pandas to breed in captivity.

I was having a hard time getting them to go for it and it was a shower scene. There was some joke made between me and another person about being a conservationist (two people/one shower saves water) and that idea crept into the book as a joke.

Then there are the bigger ideas... like for Save My Soul, most of that plot came to me as I was driving through the historic district in my town and saw this house I’ve always loved. I swear sometimes I think Luc is really trapped in that house. Whenever we walk by it I always say: “There’s Luc and Anna’s house.”

Sometimes I get an idea and I fight it. Like I fought the ending for Save My Soul, forever. I just wasn’t going to do it, but my subconscious sabotaged me and kept slipping in all these subtle clues to the ending so by the time I got there I was like “Dammit, that HAS to be the way it ends.” LOL. But in the end I knew it was a good ending and readers seemed to really love it, too.

Mary: Wow, thanks, that sound fun to read. Now, please share a blurb with us of your newest or your favorite book, along with buy links, etc.

Zoe: I want to share the blurb for Dark Mercy. It’s my newest release and the first “Preternaturals Short”, which basically means it’s a shorter work and it doesn’t go chronologically with the rest of the series, you can read it at any time. So that makes it a good intro into the world for those who aren’t already into the world. Dark Mercy isn’t a romance (I warn about that at the beginning), but it’s Hadrian and Angeline’s back story, they WILL be together in a future book.

Hadrian is a priest that gets turned into a vampire and he has this very gray/twisted morality. I’m kind of in love with him. Anyway, here is the blurb for the book:

1955, Las Vegas, Nevada

Angeline has been on the run from her sire, Linus, for centuries. She’s tired, and she’s lonely. High from mescaline-induced blood, she sees a sign—a church that seems to glow in the distance—and she knows. Her future mate is in that building.

Here is where you can find all the buy links/info on where to get the book:

http://zoewintersbooks.com/2012/03/04/dark-mercy-now-available/ (There is also an excerpt posted if you scroll down through all the buying and description information.)

Mary: Zoe, where can all your old and new fans find you? Facebook? Twitter? Blog? Web site? Good Reads? Share, share, share…

Zoe: All of the above, yes. I’ll share some links:

Blog/Website (I was doing a separate website but I’m now treating my blog like my website because it has pages.): http://www.zoewintersbooks.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/zoewinters

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zoe-Winters/216919815012598

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2737333.Zoe_Winters

Fun website of supplementary material (fake store that exists in my world... though it’s a real store in the fictional series lol.): http://www.theriantype.com

Mary: If enjoyed your visit today, but before you go. If you could do something different in your writing career what would it be?

Zoe: I’m not really sure how to answer that. I pretty much do what I want to do in my writing career anyway, LOL. I’m pretty uncompromising about that. I do like to explore other genres, but I have another pen name for that and at some point I’d like to dip a toe into YA dystopians because I have a bunch of ideas for that type of book. The biggest problem is finding the time to manage so much without burning out or stressing out!

Thank you, Zoe, for visiting the garden!

Zoe: Thanks for having me!


I am a fan of vampires and dark reads. Thank you for the interview and nice to meet Zoe.
It's always great to find a kindred soul.
Zoe Winters said…
Thanks, Sandy!
Caroline said…
Hi Zoe and Mary!

Great interview. I've never read a vampire book yet because I'm a whimp. But, I was a fan of the show Dark Shadows when I was a girl. So perhaps it's time to try. :)

Have a blessed Easter!
Mary Martinez said…
Oh Caroline!
I LOVED Dark Shadows, I'm going to see the movie with Johnny Depp!

Hi Sandy!

Zoe, thank you for visiting with us today.
Zoe Winters said…
@Caroline My books aren't scary! They are more quirky. There is a character named Caroline in Save My Soul.

Thanks for having me, Mary!

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