L.L. Muir is in the Garden!

Thanks so much, Mary, for inviting me to dance in your garden! And it is a dance-worthy day for me. It's the debut of my new young adult romance that will appeal to adult and teen readers alike. It's called Somewhere Over the Freaking Rainbow--Book One of The Angels of Somerled Series.

Here's a little scene you won't read anywhere else:

She’d imagined all kinds of cravings, for all kinds of flavors during her short existence, but never for the taste of someone.

He was looking at her lips so intently she didn’t dare move them. His lashes were incredibly long--a golden brown. His nostrils flared suddenly and the entire world tilted with his face as he moved forward. His mouth met hers as smoothly as...breathing.

She focused all conscious thought to the rise and fall of his chest, to his nearness, and she could have wept for her lack of taste in her mouth or sensation in her lips. For the first time, she mourned for the depth of experience lost to her. This wasn’t the smell or feel of peaches, or the taste of corn coming apart in her mouth. This was mortality beneath her hands, against her fingers...and completely out of her reach.

If you'd like to read more about Freaking, visit my website at www.llmuir.weebly.com You'll find other types of romances there, including my Highlander time travel and my Regency novella. You'll love those covers too!
People often ask me how I come up with the titles for my stories.

In my time travel, GOING BACK FOR ROMEO, there is a Scottish version of Romeo and Juliet whom the heroine believes she can rescue from tragedy once she finds herself back in their century. So she’s gone back for both Romeo and Juliet, but it turns out there’s another Romeo that gets left behind—the perfect Romeo for the heroine. The title, Going Back for Romeo, just fell out of my brain. (Mary's review)

In the case of my young adult romance, I had a half-dozen titles that were the dramatic single, or two word titles. None of them really made an impact, so my agent asked me to brainstorm and send her a list. I was so frustrated with the list I conjured, I ended the email with “Call it Somewhere Over the Freaking Rainbow if you want. I’m beyond caring.” She wrote back and said she loved it.

So basically, great titles just seem to fall out of my brain when I’m not looking. I should wear a net around my shoulders all the time, just in case.

And sometimes the title comes before the book. That happen to any of you?


Mary Martinez said…
Thank you L. L. for visiting the garden! I hope you enjoy your stay
J. Coleman said…
Ooooh, loved the description. Been looking forward to this book. See you "later."
Wendy S. Hales said…
So glad today is the BB day for Over the Freaking Rainbow. Finally I can get it on my IPAD. Great scene!
L.L. Muir said…
You guys ROCK!

And thanks, Mary! Love the garden, as always.

Jennifer said…
My editor changed all my titles once she got my manuscripts. It seems certain titles in Amish romance sell better than others--and certain covers. Your titles are great. I loved your excerpt. All the best!
Lindsay said…
More often than not the title and the story line come at about the same time.
Marie Higgins said…
Lesli, I'm so happy to see success finally coming your way. You deserve it, woman! I'm excited to read your freakin' story!! WOOT!
L.L. Muir said…
Thanks Marie.
It's been what, 6 years since that RWA conference in Salt Lake? The first one Melissa Mayhue came to?

Wow. Seems like longer...
Mary Martinez said…
Yup it's only been 6 years, and look where she is now. Lesli you're on your way too.

Just remember us little folk when you get there.
Diane said…
I love the title and enjoyed the excerpt; is it available on the "ye old" Kindle?

Mary, Congrats on your new magazine...

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