Late for New Year's Goals

Some of you may think the 20th of January is way late to be talking about New Year's goals and resolutions. Everyone has posted it all over the blogs and the emails. And here I am, just bringing it up yet again. The reason being is this; In order to do the things I wanted, I had to start on January 1, 2012.

2012 is my test model year. I've tried so many avenues in this crazy book publishing industry and I have started to carve out my small, very small, piece of the pie. However, this is not enough for me. I want the dream. I know you're all nodding your heads as if to say 'don't we all'. If I don't plan and act on that dream it won't happen. There's no magic genie who's going to jump out of my wine bottle and grant me my wish.

I have tried all the conventional ways to promote my work also. So my 2012 test model year is two fold;

  1. Plan my year and stick to it. 
  2. Come up with a innovative marketing/promotion plan.
That is what I've been working on this whole time. I've finished with my 2012 Writing and time outline. The first three month details everything week by week. The rest of the year is pretty generic, but at the end of March I'll revise and reevaluate and fill in the details for the next three months, and go on from there.

Next I have done a 2012 One Year Business plan. A few years ago I received a template at my URWA PRO meeting. I used that and love it.

Next I did a 2012 monthly budget. I had considered using a publicist but when I received the proposal back at $3200 per month (two month minimum) with a $750 fee for a Media Packet, well after I scrapped myself up off the floor I determined I could do my own publicity/marketing/promotion. After all I have been doing promotion and marketing for myself all this time. I just needed something innovative.

Finally I researched and came up with a 2012 outline for a Marketing/Promotion plan. It's all doable with a lot of hard work. And I balanced all of it with how many hours per week to spend, after my 8 hour day job. In other words, made my plan(s) as realistic as possible.

I am now working on the first stages of my own media kit. A database with Arts & Entertainment editors from all the national and as many small town newspapers as possible. When that's done, my first national press release will go out.

I am also doing an outreach to other authors who have promotional items, like postcards, business cards, etc. The best place for these items are reader hangouts. Small coffee shops, independent bookstores, libraries. If any author would like me to place your items in these types of places around my town I will, in exchange for you doing the same for me. If you're interested email me at mary (@) marymartinez (dot) com.

Think about it. If you could get your cards all over outside of your home town. If one person picks up your card in each state, buys your book and loves it, they'll tell someone. And then that someone.... you get my drift. It's called word of mouth the best marketing tool out there.

Now you know all my secrets for 2012. If you'd like to share yours that would be great!

Most important--- I BELIEVE IN MYSELF!


stanalei said…
It's never too late to set goals. Monday, Jan 23rd is the start of the Chinese New Year. It's the Year of the Dragon. A powerful year of good fortune.
You're timing is perfect. Best of luck, but better yet...execute.
Mary Martinez said…
I believe I will execute! I'm positive this is my year. I'm going to work harder than ever to make it happen.

Thanks Stanalei!
Judy said…
No wonder it took until Jan 20 to post your 2012 goals. You have really done a great job planning out the year. Good luck. Judy
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Judy, I need luck finding the hours in the day.
L.L. Muir said…
I'm always a proponent of big goals. If they're small and easily attainable, I won't have to reach very far. What's the fun in that?

My goals are a little bigger than I've set before. My goal is to get 17 more works self-pubbed by November. 9 more novels and 8 shorts. They are all started. And I have a tight schedule.

It's the 20th of January and I'm not behind schedule yet. That makes me very very happy.
J. Coleman said…
I'd love to get a hold of that planning sheet. I'll be watching to see how the marketing strategy works. Great goals. You're my heroine.
Mary Martinez said…
L. L. that's what I'm going to do. At the end of 2012 I'm reevaluating and adding to the load until. However, I am positive all my hard work will pay off. It sounds like you've already be successful and will continue.

J. Ask tomorrow at PRO URWA Kim may have a copy. If not I'll send you my template.
Good for you Mary -- I don't think anyone would ever believe what a ride this getting published -- finding readers is. Sounds like you're on a roll and I wish you the very very best!
Elizabeth said…
good luck with your resolutions

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