Interview with Terri J. Lynn

Did everyone have a good winter holiday? It’s been fairly calm in the Salt Lake Valley, only a little dusting of snow here and there. But still the cold goes through to you bones if you’re not dress warm. So grab some of the lap quilts I have stacked on the table next to the refreshments. Make yourself a plate while you’re at it. Today we have Terri J. Lynn with us. She one of my URWA fellow chapter members. I know you’ll enjoy getting to know her.

Mary: Welcome, Terri I am glad you decided to join us. So tell us a bit about you, your background. I particularly would love to hear about the descendant that can be traced back to the Mayflower.

Terri:  I've lived in several different states including Washington, Montana, Arizona and Utah.  I think, if there’s any gypsy blood in my family, it’s all concentrated in me.   I have always loved to travel and particularly enjoy the desert southwest and the Caribbean.

The ancestor referred to in my bio is Stephen Hopkins, my great (I don’t know many times great) grandfather on my father’s maternal side.  He was a tanner and merchant who is found on the passenger list of the Mayflower in 1620.  He settled in Plymouth Colony.   He was recruited to help with the colony's ventures, as well as help with the governing of the colony.  He was not part of the Pilgrims’ religious congregation but was an assistant to the governor of the colony through 1636.  My sister, Margaret, has made a second career of genealogy, and she has found and verified all of the above information about him.

Mary:  How interesting, and fun to be able to trace your ancestor back that far. 1620-WOW. Have you always wanted to write? Even when you were pursuing your business career?

Terri:  I’ve loved to write since my early teens.  However, once I married, had children and started a business career, I could no longer devote the time necessary.  Since I left the business world, it’s been a true joy to develop the characters that were lurking inside my head all these years.

Mary: What part of Washington State are you from? I have relatives in Kent and Yakima. And friends in Tacoma, who used to live in Gig Harbor. Personally I wouldn’t have moved. I love Gig Harbor. I have a funny story about one summer visiting my cousins in Kent. But this is your interview. Have any funny stories about growing up in Washington? Did you dig for Guey Ducks (I found it spelled Geoduck too—along with a you tube video. LOL)  For those who do not know this is a LARGE clam, and they’re good.

Terri:  Boy, it’s a small world, isn’t it?  I was born in Yakima.  My family moved to Seattle when I was about three years old, and I still have many relatives in the Seattle, Tacoma, Spanaway and Yelm areas.  My sister and brother-in-law still live in Seattle, as well as both my nephews.

Oh, yes, I remember clam digging.  They were great times. We’d find out when the lowest tide was going to be since it’s easier to dig for guey ducks (or goeducks) then.  We’d get together with some of our cousins, drive to Camano Island and go clam digging, have a picnic and, all in all, have a great day.
It was really wonderful growing up in Seattle, but the smaller towns like Gig Harbor have a unique beauty all their own.

Okay, funny stories, let’s see.  Well, there are a couple that l remember.  When I was a child, my sister and I were both upstairs (behaving for once), when my mother yelled at us to quit jumping on the beds.  Then she turned around and realized all her cups hanging on little cup hangers were swinging in unison.  She yelled for us to get out of the house – it was an earthquake.

My sister, Margaret, was one of those people who did everything by the book (or so everybody thought).  One year (when my sister was in college and I was in high school) we decided to surprise mom and give her a special birthday party.  To get everything ready, we had to start early, so I had to get out of going to high school that day.  Margaret wrote a note that I was to be excused and signed mom’s name (perfectly I might add).  Until now, no one but the two of us knew she was an accomplished forger.

Mary: That last question went on like the EverReady bunny, so everyone stand up and stretch. Replenish your plates and fill your cups.

Mary: Everyone ready? Okay so Terri, tell us a bit about your latest release. Share a blurb, buy links whatever you think we’d find interesting.

Terri:  My latest release is Out of the Past.  It is published by Siren-Bookstrand.  I’ve placed the links to it below the blurb.  It can also be found on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble in both eBook and paperback.  Below is a short blurb.

Blurb:  Amateur genealogist, Melissa Wendell, inadvertently uncovers a secret from the past, putting her in the cross-hairs of an assassin’s rifle.

Detective Mike Rawlins is assigned to the case and hunts the assassin while trying to uncover secrets long buried in her family past.  Her sister seems to sense the evil that lies ahead, and Melissa believes in her sister’s psychic ability, but Mike Rawlins is skeptical of any such claim.

After a second attempt on her life, Melissa leaves Seattle for Boston where she discovers that her grandmother is reaching out from the grave.  An unknown assailant follows her there, and soon, she is once again fighting for her life.

For her survival and the love they’ve found together, can Mike and Melissa unravel her long-buried family secrets before a killer finds her again?


My next book will come out as an eBook in April, published by Siren-Bookstrand.  It’s titled Shadow of Time.

Mary: That sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing. So what do you have new coming up? In other words what are you working on?

Terri:  I am working on a contemporary romance titled The Mirror, which is the story of Chelsea, a 25 year old artist, who accidentally falls through the time continuum.  She wakes up on the floor of a saloon, unaware that she is in 1891.  A tall, handsome, no nonsense cowboy comes to her rescue even though he thinks she’s  probably crazy.

Mary: Time travel, one of my favorites! When you’re not writing or hanging with your family—I include your pets too? When it’s rainy outside and you want to curl up with a good book, what would it be?

Terri:  I love to read romance novels.  In fact, I have read your book, Meet Me in Fantasyland, and am planning on reading Classic Murder Mr. Romance. I like different genres, such as romantic suspense, western historical, and contemporary.  Just give me a good book, and I’m set for hours.  I also am very interested in psychic ability, time travel and true ghost stories. There is just so much we don’t really know about our world, and it fascinates me.  One (and sometimes all) of these will be found in most of my books.

Mary: Thank you! I'm glad you liked Meet Me In Fantasyland. Let me know how you like Adam and Katie (Mr. Romance) If one of your new fans would like to find you, can you share your web site, blog, social media, one or all of the above?

I’d loved to have all of you stop by.  The door is always open. . .well, you know what I mean.  See who’s going to be guest authors on my blog for the months of January and February.

Terri:  Web site:
Facebook: Terri J. Lynn

Thank you, Terri, so much for your time today. I know I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you, Mary.  I’ve had a great time!


Jan Springer said…
Great interview, Terri! It was nice to get to know more about you. :-)
I really enjoyed your interview Terri. Genealogy is great fun isn't it? Thanks for sharing that interesting bit about your family.
Hi, Terri. Enjoyed reading the interview. You have an interesting family background. Wish you the best of luck with your book.

Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Terri for joining me today! Good luck with your writing.
L.L. Muir said…
Welcome, Terri, to the Time Travel Club. It's a great place to be!
Zoey Marcel said…
The Mayflower? That's really neat! Your book sounds good. Best of luck to you. :)
stanalei said…
Hey Terri and's another Great Northwest fan. Love the Seattle area. Wonderful interview. It was fun to get to you know better.
Terri J. Lynn said…

I enjoyed all of your wonderful comments. You guys are great!

Mary, thank you so much for inviting me.
I'm late dropping over but loved your interview and found out things I never knew about you! Fun to read -- best of luck in your writing!

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