Interview with Tammy Dennings Maggy

Welcome to my garden, Tammy. It’s the holiday season and I’ve planned accordingly. Please have some holiday treats and don’t forget the wassail, it’s nice an warm. From now until January 1st anyone who is a guest on my blog or comments has their name placed into a drawing for a book bag filled with goodies, click here for the details. Without further ado, please say ‘hi’ to Tammy Dennings Maggy.

Mary: As I always do, I look over my guests web site before I begin the interview. And my biggest question is, how did you go from Veterinarian to writer? Do you use your background with healing animals for your stories?

Tammy: Thank you for having me today, Mary. I've never had wassail and this takes fantastic! Definitely my kind of drink, mmmm.   I've always been a writer, just too scared to send anything in to a publisher until this year.  Becoming a veterinarian was a childhood dream of mine and now that I've accomplished that, I thought it was time to explore my other passion.  With this series, I am actually incorporating a lot of my life as a veterinarian and as an over 40 woman who finally finds her happily ever after.  Having the medical background, I can make those scenes believable for my characters and for the readers.

Mary: I know I jumped ahead a bit, so let’s back track. Tell us a bit about Tammy, where you call home, etc.

Tammy:  I live in the San Francisco Bay area of California, but home for me will always be Michigan.  That is where my family all reside and where I grew up.  Those midwestern values are ingrained in me and are a huge part of who I am as a person and as a woman.  That's why I made several of my characters from Michigan.   I love to cook, bake, knit and crochet.  I guess I am what you would call a modern day nurturer.

But I have to say, living in the Western part of the United States also has it's advantages and quite a bit of material for my writing.  There is Disneyland and Las Vegas too.  Two more of my favorite places on earth and that I write about.  Those places play very big rolls in my own fantasies and I get to share them with the world.  What more can a girl ask for?

Mary: OH! One of my favorite place, San Fran! Do you celebrate the holiday’s, or maybe I should say what holiday do you celebrate? What are your traditions? We’d love for you to share your favorite holiday recipe. (I love recipes.)

Tammy: My family is filled with just about every religion so the traditions are many.  Growing up we always celebrated the holidays big with family gatherings and food...lots of food!  Shopping and preparing for those events sometimes weeks in advance is just as fun as the day itself.  I learned to put a bit of me into all of my preparations so that the day would be special for my family, so that we could feel the love in each decoration and item on the menu.

I've rediscovered my own faith as a Wiccan so the holidays have become even more special for me.  Having a soul mate who supports me in this has been the best blessing.  This will be my first Yule celebration and I am going all out.  With my boyfriend's Irish Catholic background and Druid beliefs we are going to have a very ecclectic house filled with fun and love.

One of my favorite recipes is one that has been passed down from my Grandpa Fila.  He loved Harvey Wallbanger cakes and basically tweaked a couple differerent recipes.  There are several online but this is the one that I follow.

Harvey Wallbanger Cake
 1 box Yellow Cake mix (such as Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker)
 1 small box of vanilla instant pudding
 1 cup vegetable oil/salad oil
 5 eggs
 1/4 cup vodka
 1/4 cup Galliano
 3/4 cup unsweetened orange juice (any brand will do)

 Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
 Grease and flour a bunt or Angel food pan
 Mix together all of the ingredients until well blended, then pour into the pan.
 Bake for 40-50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean
 While still hot, turn the cake out onto a platter, completely cover and pack in powdered sugar.  Seal up the entire thing for at least 24 hours before serving.

When ready to serve, remove the wrapping and cut the cake into the size slices you wish.  Most of the powdered sugar will be hard rocks and will fall away from the cake easily.  When I was a kid we used to fight over these sugar pieces!  The cake is super moist and full of flavor.  Enjoy!

That sounds delicious, now everyone is hungry so I think it's time for a bit of a stretch. While you're at it, fill up your plates and glasses. I hope everyone is enjoying Tammy’s tale.

Mary: Welcome back everyone. Wiccan, huh? Another time and another interview I think. Another tidbit I found on Tammy’s web site, she’s a poet. Where does that fit in? And can you share some with us?

Tammy:  Poetry helps me express me feelings at any given point in my life.  I've written about love and loss, pain and suffering and a fantasy poem that is the inspiration for another series I am writing.  People have told me that I have conveyed exactly how they've felt in the same situations as I have gone through.  They've thanked me for putting their feelings into words. I think that's the biggest compliment anyone could ever give to me.  The poem I want to share with you today is the inspiration for the second book in my Now and Forever series.

My Love, My Friend
Moving through the years with blinders on.
One track and one goal in mind:
Be the Best in school.
Be the Best and excel in my career.
But in the end these things were achieved alone.
No one to share it with
No one to stand by my side.
No one to call my love, my friend.

Pictures hold precious memories of a love unrequited.
Feelings unreturned and gone unnoticed;
Never confessed to my love, my friend.

Heart and Soul kept locked tight
Behind thick walls of pain and sadness.
Bound by chains of self doubt;
Barricaded behind steel doors of shyness and loneliness.
Terrified of rejection from my love, my friend.

The years fly by.
Lovers come and go.
But none were ever allowed
Completely through all of the defenses
Guarding my secret:
The identity of my love, my friend.

One day we meet again.
Time stands still.
Talk comes with ease.
Secrets shared, pain and hurt confessed.
Forever enduring love finally proclaimed
To my love, my friend.

Could it be true?
He feels the same?
Could we try to see if the fantasy could be our reality?
All signs from our past and present
Point us in that direction…
But will he hold true?
Will he really be my love, my friend?

His heart is torn.
Stay with the life and “love” he knows
And the empty comfort she offers,
Or try something new.
Something he thought was lost
And never could be.
Will I lose him once again…
My love, my friend?

Time will tell and heal all wounds
Laid bare by his rejection.
The feelings get locked away once again.
The walls go back up;
The pieces of my broken heart find each other
And repair ever so slowly and grieve
For my love, my friend.

Our lives move forward.
Messages still sent to each  other.
Wishing to be together;
Unable to break free…
At least not yet.
False promises of love and life changes
Hold him in place.
He knows it will fail,
But is more afraid of rejection from a love
So long endured and cherished.

Afraid to take the chance
That true love will win.
Afraid he doesn’t deserve it.
Afraid he cannot live up to it.
So he settles for the pain he knows
Until the day he realizes he is worth it.
He is special;
He has always lived up to the fantasy.
He is and has always been
My love, my friend.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy
Days Inn
Detroit Metro Airport

Mary: Very nice! Tammy now that everyone has met you, they’re going to want to be able to find you and your books. Do you have a web site? Twitter? Blog? Or Facebook? Please share.

Tammy: I have two blogs  Behind Closed Doors is also my main web page
Not Enough Time in the Day
Facebook Fan Page

Mary: Please give us a blurb for your newest book, and buy links if you have them.


Quinn Lee Hollis is a forty-three-year-old veterinary surgeon who has reached a crossroads in her life. Stuck in a loveless and emotionally abusive marriage, she decides that she has had enough and vows to cut loose and enjoy herself in Las Vegas with her sister.

There she meets and falls in love with two men. Both bring out the fire and passion in her that she has longed for her whole life. Steve Eischer is a Vegas tycoon who wants to fulfill her every fantasy, and Jake Hartley is a classic bad boy who awakens desire in her so strong that it nearly destroys her.

Both Steve and Jake have claims on her heart, but only one can share a connection so strong that nothing can keep them apart
Siren Bookstrand
Barnes and Noble

Thank you, Tammy, for sharing the day with us.

Thank you for having me!


Thank you once again, Mary! I had a wonderful time in your garden.
Kellie Kamryn said…
Great interview! so nice to know more about you :) And you're a fellow poet to boot. So glad you decided to delve into your other passion - writing!
Mary said…
I'm so glad you visited today Tammy! What a fun interview. I hope everyone like it.
Kellie, I'm happy I decided to follow my writing passion too. It's been a wonderful journey so far and I've met so many fabulous people along the way!

Mary, I can't wait to have you visit my blog!

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