Breakfast Burrito's

Today it snowed. Not the first, but more than it has so far this winter. I'm ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas but I'm SO not ready for snow on the roads. Snow, please stay in the mountains. I wish I actually had power over that. But I don't do we're staying in today and just hanging around the house. We're going to watch the Utah vs. Washington game later. GO UTES!

Anyway, since we had no agenda today, the first time in months, I scrambled for breakfast. Meaning, I didn't want my usual coffee and bagel and neither did Ron. So I scrambled through the fridge and came up with some fun stuff to literally throw together. I thought I'd share. I did take a picture of the final burrito, but my camera ate it somehow. But I'm sure you all know what a burrito looks like.

Breakfast Scramble Burritos - 2 servings
1 small orange sweet pepper - chopped
1 small red sweet pepper- chopped
2 tbsp chopped onion
1/4 jalapeno chopped (seeds optional)
1 large brown mushroom-sliced
5 eggs whipped with a bit of milk, dash of salt and pepper
1 cup cooked instant rice (boil 1/2 cup water, add 1/2 cup rice and let sit for 10 minutes)
3 tortilla's
4 oz. shredded pepper jack cheese.
Saute all the chopped veggies in oil sprayed pan, until tender. Add a dash of pepper and savory (optional) Add whipped eggs and scramble until done. After warming a tortilla on the burner, place on plate and spoon some rice in the center of the tortilla. Add scrambled eggs, sprinkle with cheese and roll. Add the hot sauce of your choice. Serve with sausage, ham or bacon.

Not a bad breakfast for a snowy Saturday morning. I'm sure many of you have already discovered this dish. But it's still fun to post.

Don't forget I have a holiday blog contest check the details here.


Lindsay said…
I guress someone can handle a burrito in the morning, not me though.
Anna said…
Hi Mary, I love casual breakfast on a snowy Saturday morning (mostly love warm, rainy Saturday mornings). My hubby would love your burrito. Have a lovely Thanksgiving. Judy Baker
Anonymous said…
YUMMY, Mary!

First snow for your area? I remember when I lived in Provo years ago, it snowed 8 inches on June 18!!! I was so ready to go back home to Florida and forget about School! LOL!

Mary Martinez said…
Lindsay, I can tell you're not Mexican, oh wait! Neither am I. I love hot spicy anything anytime.

Judy, you have a wonderful Thanksgiving also!

Yes it was the first real snow of the season. I can time June 18th. When my son was small I remember taking him to the doctor in a snow storm in August.

Happy holiday's to you also Kari.
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