Welcome back Caroline!

Everyone settle in! I'm excited to have Caroline Fyffe  in the garden again. She visited us last summer (2010) when her Montana Dawn. We had a fun conversation that included wine and I just happen to be leaving tomorrow for Napa Valley! Anyway, I hope you enjoy our treat!

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to talk about my new release, TEXAS TWILIGHT, book two of the McCutcheon Family series.  When I was in the throes of writing MONTANA DAWN, I had no idea how attached I’d become to all the family members.  So now, TEXAS TWILIGHT continues the story of the McCutcheon dynasty.  But instead of being set in Y Knot, Montana, it takes place in Rio Well, Texas, with all the extended relatives.  John McCutcheon, fourth brother and hero of this book, is a newly degreed doctor.  He butts heads with Dustin and Chaim McCutcheon, his young-buck cousins, and struggles to relate to Becky and Madeline McCutcheon, whose girly-girl ways are so far from his sister Charity’s rough and try-to-take-charge personality that he can hardly believe they’re related at all.  Charity shows up in TEXAS TWILIGHT too, and is reunited with her long-time love, Brandon Crawford (whether he wants it or not!).  I hope you enjoy….

Here’s an excerpt—
Chapter one
Texas Badlands, 1886

The stagecoach lurched. John Jake McCutcheon opened his eyes and saw the young woman next to him grasp the leather loop that hung from the coach’s ceiling to keep from being tossed around. She tipped precariously to the right, then left, bumping forcefully into his shoulder. With an apologetic glance she moved away, then dabbed at her brow with a folded handkerchief. She looked at her elderly aunt.
“Tante Harriet? Are you all right?” she asked in a soft German accent. She opened the fan she held and swished it back and forth in front of the tiny woman. “Your face is extremely red.”
“Of course, Lily,” Harriet Schmidt said in a raspy voice laced with exhaustion. The old woman’s hair was swept up atop her head and fastened in a bun, but after the miles and miles traveled on the dusty, sun-baked road, it looked more like a weather blown tumbleweed after a storm. She patted her niece on the knee. “Thank heavens we’re almost there. Just one more day and we’ll be out of this oven.”
John glanced away, not wanting to seem impolite. He’d met both Harriet Schmidt and her niece, Lily Anthony, when they’d boarded the stage together in Concepción. He’d seen them on the train from Boston, too, but they’d kept to themselves, never speaking with anyone else.
John gazed out the window, thinking. He was finally finished with his medical training and heading to West Texas. Anticipation coursed though him.
Rio Wells was a long way from his family ranch in Montana, but he’d get used to it. His plan to return to Y Knot after graduation hadn’t panned out. His hometown already supported two full-time physicians. If he really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives as a doctor and surgeon, he had to strike out in a place where the townsfolk were in need. At least he wouldn’t be a complete stranger in Rio Wells. Uncle Winston and his family were there. And his fiancée, Emmeline Jordan, would be joining him this fall.
John closed his eyes, recalling Emmeline’s elegant profile and dark, alluring eyes. In his mind’s eye, her mouth drew down into a seductive little pout, a manipulation he knew all too well, but one that, all the same, fueled his blood. She was like a beautiful, exotic bird, needing care and affection.
“Oh, just to take this corset off,” Harriett said to no one in particular, then chortled softly at her niece’s shocked expression at her bluntness. “It pinches horribly. I think I’ll throw it away for good.” She paused, thinking. “No…”  Her eyes twinkled mischievously. “Actually, I’ll burn it.”
Cyrus and Jeremiah Post and Abigail Smith, the other passengers cramped uncomfortably on the opposite seat, just smiled, now used to the old woman’s antics. Miss Smith, a teacher, had been hired by the same town council that had hired John, and he felt a small kinship with her.
“You know, Doctor McCutcheon,” Harriett Schmidt went on, trying to catch his eye, “my Lily doesn’t need a corset. Her waist is eighteen inches without one.”
“Tante Harriett. Please.”
John chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. He’d tried not to notice something like that, but it had been difficult, if not impossible. The girl had practically been snuggled to his side for several days.
Without warning, the driver called out sharply to the horses and the coach picked up speed. The two guards riding on top of the stage scuffled around and one shouted something unintelligible. John glanced out the window.
A shot rang out. One second later, one of the guards fell from the top of the stage, past the window, landing with a thunk as the stage rolled on. Lily gasped and threw her arms protectively around her aunt. Abigail screamed and then fainted, flopping over onto Cyrus’s shoulder.
The driver bellowed to the horses again and the stagecoach heaved forward as the six-horse team was propelled instantly into an all-out gallop. Three more shots were fired, and the sound of horses’ hooves thundered from behind.
John looked back through the dust to see a number of riders racing toward the stagecoach, eating up the distance between the two. What the hell was he supposed to do now?  He was a doctor. He’d taken the Hippocratic Oath to heal not three weeks before. His job was taking bullets out, not putting them in. But then, he’d also been raised on a rugged Montana ranch, where the unwavering reality was hard. Sometimes staying alive meant killing someone else. Besides, everyone’s lives were on the line, not just his. It would be especially bad for the women aboard. These hills were a common hiding place for Comancheros. They used women in the worst ways and then sold them into prostitution in Mexico. As pretty as she was, Lily Anthony would fetch top price. Hell, they’d sell the skinny teacher and the old woman, too.
Smoke and dust filled the coach. Pop. Pop. Pop. Lily covered her ears. Her elderly aunt coughed as she struggled to hang on. Abigail, now fully awake again, filled the small space with one shrill scream after the other, never even pausing to take a breath. John reached for his satchel under the seat, withdrew a Colt 45, and strapped on his holster. Carrying his guns was a habit he hadn’t been able to break even after his years at school. With hands nimble from experience, he loaded and fired several shots out the window. Two riders fell.
  “You have another gun?”
John was surprised to see old Harriet Schmidt eyeing him expectantly. One hand was outstretched while the other grasped the windowsill as the coach careened down the road, jerking violently this way and that. “I’m not letting those filthy dogs take my Lily!”
  “Can you shoot?”
“I wouldn’t ask if I couldn’t. My derringer’s not worth diddly.”
John squeezed off three more shots, then pulled another gun from his bag, handing it to Harriet. He pushed the bag toward Lily. “Bullets.”
Cyrus Post fired out the other side of the coach just as a bullet hit Cyrus’s brother in the chest, slamming Jeremiah violently against the back of the seat. Jeremiah gasped several times as he tried to hold back a rush of crimson that spurted through his splayed fingers, soaking his clothes. With just a glance, John could see he wasn’t long for this world. Abigail’s eyes grew round as she took in the blood. With a gasp, she fainted again, blessedly putting an end to her screams.
“Son of a bitch! “ Cyrus cried out. “There’s too many. Prepare to meet your maker.”
“Hush your mouth, you old coot,” Harriet shouted as she hefted the heavy gun and shot out the window. “I have more faith in God than that.”
            The coach rounded a corner dangerously fast and then slowed up a bit as it began an uphill climb. One side of the road dropped off, falling some forty feet to a bed of jagged rocks.
Seizing the moment, John holstered his gun and opened the narrow door. He climbed the side of the rocking coach using the window as a step, and grasping the luggage rack, pulled himself up. He flopped onto his stomach, facing the oncoming killers and picked up the fallen guard’s Winchester. He took aim.

In celebration of my launch, I’m offering an E-Book of TEXAS TWILIGHT and a signed copy of MONTANA DAWN to two different commenter’s.  Two books!  Two winners!  Just tell me your favorite family character, from either a book, TV program or movie, and what makes them stand out.

Here's where you can purchase!
Barnes and Noble

Thanks again, Mary.  It’s good to be back!

Well, Caroline, it's great having you back! Everyone leave a comment, I know I am!


Caroline said…
Good morning, Mary! I'm so happy to be here. I'm so jealous of your trip to Napa. I LOVE Napa!! One of my fav places in California. Have a wonderful time and taste a lot of fantastic wines....

One of my all-time fav characters on a TV show for me was Lucas McCain, on the Rifleman. And, of course, his son Mark! He was the best father ever, caring and loving and yet, most people thought he was a killer because he had the reputation of being the fastest gun. It was a good mix! J
Mary Martinez said…
Welcome, glad to you have you back. I just checked in for our flight in the AM. I'm excited for all the wine also.

Thanks for bringing us such a great excerpt.

I'm off to work down but I'll check in later today!
Hi Caroline!

This one sounds great too! Can't wait to read it.

Happy to see you're still doing well. We think about you at Conference time.

Caroline said…
Hi, Lesli!

I miss going to conference and all my Utah friends. Next year for sure! I just met with Sandy Loyd this morning--she just got back--and she said it was fantastic!

Marie Higgins said…
Hi Caroline! I don't think we ever met in person, but I think we may have emailed a few times. lol I have judged one of your stories (don't remember which one) but I did think you had a great entry! Congrats on your success!!

Caroline said…
Hi Marie! That's cool. I wish you could remember which story it was...LOL Thank you for your kind words.

I went to your bio and it says you're a grandmother. Congrats. Acutally, I can't wait for that. I've only been to Utah a couple of times, but I think it's beautiful. What do you write? :)
Sandy said…
Hi Caroline. I loved the excerpt and have read your first two stories. I can't wait to read this one, as it promises to be every bit as fun and more.
Leslie said…
Hi, Caroline - I just read the excerpt of Texas Twilight that you posted on Mary's Garden and have to say: I love, love, love Tante Harriet's corset-burning sentiment! If that's a taste of what is in the rest of the book, it will be a treat to read. (And of course, I already love John and Lily and the stage coach ride!)
Caroline said…
Hi there, Sandy. Thanks so much for dropping into Mary's Garden. It's a nice place to be.

Good luck in the drawing--I hope you win TEXAS TWILIGHT since you've read MONTANA DAWN. LOL Mary picks the winners!

Caroline said…
Yes, Leslie--I think Tante Harriet is the very first bra burner!! LOL I'm glad you like her humor. And, I'm so pleased you love John and Lily too. Yay! :)Music to my ears...
Marie Higgins said…
Caroline - how many stories have you submitted to the HOW writing contests? I just know I was a judge for the HOW. lol

Yes, I'm a grandmother. I have been since I was 35! So I'm used to it by now. :)

I write sweet / inspirationals. My agent hasn't found me anything yet...but I do have an Inspy publisher here in Utah so at least I'm with someone. I write all genres, but I love historical!

Lindsay said…
This looks like another fantastic book. It's now on my TBR Wish List
Caroline said…
That's where it was then, Marie. Back in 2008 I entered the HOW with THE MCCUTCHEONS--which is now titled--MONTANA DAWN, and SOURDOUGH CREEK, another western historical western I'm getting ready to release around Christmas! :)

Good luck with your sweet inspirational! Remember things can change in a blink of an eye.

Thanks so much for stopping back by. Hugs!
Caroline said…
Hey, Lindsey--great to talk with you again! How are you?

I just love your doggie pic. What is his/her name? He looks so comfy....
Diane said…
I love feisty, mature women such as Harriet and Kathy Bates in Harry's Law and Bonneville which was partially filmed in Utah..
Caroline said…
Hi, Diane--Yes,I agree. And they are so much fun to write!
Caroline said…
WINNERS of Books!!

Marie and Lindsay you are my winners. Congratulations!!

Drop me a line at carolinefyffe@gmail.com and let me know which you'd like--MONTANA DAWN or TEXAS TWILIGHT!

Thanks to everyone for making my vist to Mary's Garden so much fun!

Hugs to you, Mary!! :)

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