Interview with Julia Barrett

Welcome one of the authors joining me in Calistoga, Julia Barrett, everyone please say ‘Hi’. Appetizer’s and beverages are over in the shade as always. Find a plate and fill it, then a seat and relax. Let’s get started.

Mary: First things, first. As I said, everyone can find out about your books from your site, etc. So please give everyone information on how to find out about your books. Web site, blog, Facebook, Twitter and anything else you can think of.

Julia:  All information about my books, and a whole lot about what I think, is on my website:  I tweet about my books and interesting articles I run across:  @JuliaRBarrett and I do have a Facebook account under Julia Barrett, but I can’t figure out the URL for the life of me.

Mary:  Thank you, now we have that out of the way.  I’m very excited to have you here in the garden, and I want everyone to know you better as a person. What can you tell us about your growing up years? How did they shape you to be the person you are today?

Julia:  I was born and raised in Iowa.  The state will always be my real home.  My family had lived there since the railroad arrived.  Now everyone is gone.  My sisters and I live in the West and my parents moved out here eight years ago to be close to their grandchildren.  Farm country is in my blood and you can almost always find a mention of the Midwest in my books.

Mary: I happened to cruise through your web site and saw this statement: “I come from a long line of amazing cooks.” Anyone who keeps up on my blog will understand why I honed in on this. Sooooo…. Tell us about your amazing cooks.

Julia:  LOL!  One of my great-great grandmothers was a chef for the Hungarian royal family.  She passed on her recipes and abilities to her daughter who passed on her skills to her daughter-in-law, my grandmother.  My mother and my two sisters and I all love to cook.  Even my kids cook.  My mother, one of my sisters and I were gifted with super sensitive palates – which makes us very picky about food!

Mary:   Do you have any siblings? Did any of them grow up to be chef’s? And why didn’t you?

Julia:  Yes, see above – I have two sisters.  All three of us have baked professionally.  Two of us are trained pastry chefs.

If you need to stand up and stretch do so. In fact, everyone pour yourselves some more wine, or something. Once everyone is settled, we’ll begin again.

Mary:  Do you like to travel? If so, do you prefer big cities like New York, Chicago or San Francisco? Or small resort towns, like Carmel, Park City or Key West? Or something totally different?

Julia:  I love to travel.  I get so restless!  I’ll go to a big city or climb a mountain.  My favorite trips have involved hiking, rafting, kayaking and horseback riding.  Put me outdoors and I’m happy.

Mary:  Do you listen to music? If so what is your favorite? Rock, Opera, Country? And why?

Julia:  I’m not a huge opera fan, but I don’t hate it.  I’m a big fan of rock and roll, blues, Motown, jazz.  I do like some country music.  Patsy Cline is one of my favorites.

Mary: Before we say goodbye, please tell us what your favorite words of wisdom are. In general—not career wise. Remember we’re getting to know you. Not the author.

Julia:  Wow.  I don’t really have any, other than remember to tell the people you love that you love them.

For more information about the Book Signing and Wine Tasting Extravaganza please check out my web site here. 

Thank you, Julia, for joining me again. Please drop back any time. I’m really looking forward to meeting you in Calistoga to share a glass of wine.

Hope all of you can join us in Calistoga. If not, join us for a virtual signing, details to be posted soon.


Mary Martinez said…
Welcome Julia, I've enjoyed having you in the garden!
Thanks, Mary! So nice of you to host me in your garden!
Casey Wyatt said…
Hi Julia! So, you have an ancestor who cooked for the royal Hungarian family? I learn something new all the time. I'm heading over to your site now.

Thanks Mary for the informative interview!
Katalina Leon said…
I loved this interview!
Nina Pierce said…
Wow, so cool you had a chef in the family. I love food, but cooking ... not so much. LOL!
Yes...we are a bunch of multi-generational cooks!
Thanks for stopping by, ladies!
Lindsay said…
Great interview. I've got the book on my wish list.
Thanks, Lindsay!
Tessie Bradford said…
Great interview, Julia!
Hi, Tessie! Thanks!
Missy said…
Chef to the royal family? There HAS to be a romantic story in there somewhere! You so have to bring pictures to the signing!
Thanks, Missy! If there's romance in addition to food, nobody ever mentioned it - but it would make a great story!

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