Football season!

Fall is here, woohoo! My favorite time of year. The temperatures drop, to comfortable, leaves start to turn glorious colors and FOOTBALL and TAILGATING!

This is when you see me I'm usually in red for the UTES! Last Thursday was our first game against Montana State University. Utes 27, MSU 10. You may say great start, but we're worried. This is the big boys, the Pac 12. And we should have been more like 47. Our offense left everyone scratching their heads and wondering what was going to happen next week against USC. YIKES.

Here are some of the highlights from our game last week! I know most of you really don't care, but I have fun posting them. 

Okay, I'll give it a rest, oh wait a few more pictures!
And I can't not post our smiling faces....
Yeah I know, we're geeks!


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