Happy Fourth of July!

Good Morning! And happy birthday to the US of A! I hope all of you have a wonderful day, whether you live in the states or not. In honor of the holiday I am going to give away a signed copy of Romance and Misconceptions

All you need to do is, leave a comment about your holiday plans, or whatever you're doing today. What you are grateful for. Whether you live in the US or not, comment for a chance to win.

We are celebrating our day in our small (which is growing every minute) town Magna, Utah. We begin the day in the park at the Lion's Club breakfast. Then we gather our chairs and find a spot for the parade. After the guys are golfing and in the evening BBQ at Papa and Nana's house. (That's me and my hubby) I love this holiday. I grew up in a small town and this brings back so many fun memories. Be safe on your travels or activities. And thanks to all the service men and women!

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Diane said…
My daughter was visiting from Chattanooga, so my son, his girlfriend, her son, oldest daughter, grand-daughter, great granddaughter went to Granite High for the most spectacular fireworks and music, we have seen in a long time... My son graduated from Granite, daughter from Layton, Granddaughter went to school in Magna..
For many years, our families have sat on camp chairs, and watched the parade in Magna. We looked forward to fireworks at "Kennecott" Park, eating fried chicken, watching the bursts in the air; even took our big dog who is a "pussy cat."
Mary Martinez said…
Diane, you're the only one who commented, so you've won a signed copy of Romance and Misconceptions.

Email me at mary (@) mary martinez.com (no spaces)

Congratulations, I hope you like it. This one started out as a murder mystery but I loved the character too much. Sooooooo.....
Diane said…
Received your book, I am looking forward to reading it.
I signed up for the Outdoors Writers' workshop tomorrow at Snowbird. I will send you a post of the activities.
(Worked on 6200 S. above the Old Mill at the base of mountains.)

My motto is "Live Your Dreams."
Thanks for the book and will see you at your workshop.

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