Concerts with a bang!

Yes we went to another concert last night. This one was at the baseball park. We'd never attended one there before, and our seats were awesome. We were a bit worried about the dark, no black, clouds over head. Luckily it blew for a bit, spattered us with rain, but by concert time everything had settled in for a nice evening.

Blues Traveler's started off with the intro from Star Wars.  And rocked from there on! I recorded a bit, you can list if you'd like.
It may be a bit loud. Then we had the longest wait, or so it seemed before Chris came out. The seats were pretty good, there was no one directly in front of us, and we had a bit of a ledge. Used it as a table. But I still like Red Butte Gardens as a music vendor better.

Finally have much anticipation our boy came up. Chris Isaak, what's not to like?
And of course I got a bit of him. This is when they're just coming on stage so there is a bit of drama and build up. Then of course I enjoyed the concert and didn't take any more pictures or video's. Again watch the volume.
But that wasn't all, as Chris and his band left the stage the fireworks began. What a display. I took a few pictures and then put the camera way-way too soon!

On a whole, the evening was a 5 1/2! 
I know everything we see is a 5 1/2, but hey I'm a Concert Ho!


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