Wine and Murder

Last week I had an interview with some wonderful people from the Kiler Grover Winery where I had my wine tasting and book signing on June 10th. And since then I've pretty much been MIA. That's because even though I had the best time at the signing, I was also coming down with something and the cool air in the wine making room hammered the nail in my sinus cold. I've been sick and miserable since. Next time? I'm wearing a dress jacket.

Enough complaining about my cold. For those who could not make the signing, here is a recap. We had a tasting, the winery had 4 wines to taste--all were awesome:
2008 Trebbiano -
2009 Interpretation -
2005 Zinergy -
2007 Zinergy -

Then next to the tasting we had my daughter-in-law and her mom, LeeAnn, designs in glassware.
And of course I was the last in the chain of tables.

No wait the last table held two give-aways and the food. Probably the most popular.

I feel that the even was a total success, we all had fun and I believe sold some of our wares.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by. I hope to do it again soon!


Lindsay said…
Sorry you got sick but glad you had a good signing
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Lindsay, I've pretty much been under the weather all week. Next week I hope to be back to my usual 3 day blogs!
Jean Henry Mead said…
I hope you're feeling much better by now, Mary. I'm going to try your cajun bean recipe. I know my husband will love it!
Mary Martinez said…
Jean I hope you like it! Let me know.

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