Regan is in the garden

Welcome my good friend Regan. It’s finally spring or maybe summer in the garden, so the flowers are in bloom. I hope no one has allergies, back in the day it was hay fever. Have some wine or a beverage of your choice, I believe there are some mint mojito’s. Anyway help yourself to drink and appetizers and settled in for a great interview.

Mary: I would love to hear all about ‘Regan’ that is not the writer. Where did you grow up, and what shaped your life?

Regan: I grew up in a small town on Long Island. My grandmother, Nana, was probably the best part of my life growing up. She had make sense values that are still applicable today.

Mary: Tell us about living in/or by one of my favorite valley’s, Napa. I’m so jealous. LOL.  *Regan if you do not want to answer this because you don’t want people to know you live in or around Napa just delete.

Regan: I live about a half hour away from the Napa Valley but in terms of place, it’s like entering a whole other world. One of my favorite places there is the Castello Di Ameroso. It’s a replica, down to the exact stones in the courtyard, of a 15th century Moorish castle. No matter what time of year there is always something going on and, of course, wine tastings for the best in the world.

Mary: Oh, I'm glad to hear that, we are going to visit Castello Di Ameroso when we visit my sister in law this fall. Now tell us about Regan the writer. Also, what books influenced you growing up.

Regan: Anything and everything by Alexandre Dumas and Charles Dickens. My favorite days were the ones where I could sit alone in my room reading for hours on end. It’s still one of my favorite things to do.

Mary: Do you have a some you admire? Someone who you reflect on when you’re ready to throw in the towel and give up writing?

Regan: No, not really. I mostly write because, well first I can’t not write and second, it’s my way of traveling to any time and place that interests me. Through research and my own imagination I get to be where ever my characters take me

Everyone take a moment to stretch and refill your glasses and plates.

Mary: Regan, what books do you have out? And where can we find you, such as a web site, etc.

Regan: My 18th is due out this summer. Sometimes I find it hard to believe I’ve written, and had published, that many. Then I chat with friends of mine like Sherry Derr-Wille who just released, I think, her 100th or close to it. My website is and my blog is

I’m published with Awe-struck (, eXtasy (, The Dark Castle Lords ( and Siren-bookstrand (

Mary: What is the one thing you wished someone had told you before you embarked on this crazy writing journey?

Regan: You know, I’ve been pretty lucky. All along the way I’ve had great advice from people who have been in the business a long time. So many of them are incredibly generous with their time and advice.

Mary: Now for the fun stuff. When you’re not working or writing, what do you do to relax?

Regan: Relax? Himmmm. Okay, I work a 40 hour a week day job with an hour commute each way every day. I do read 3-4 books a week during that commute. Until about a year ago I had a kitty named Molly who had kidney disease the last 5 years of her life—she lived to her 22nd birthday which is quite a feat for a kitty, especially one with the kind of health issue she had. Her medial regime which included fluid therapy twice a day took time each day plus her brother, Mel, needed attention as well. Whatever I did for Molly (and at one time my kitty Ginny) Mel had to have too. Molly had a sub-q fluid set up; Mel had a bag – empty but it had a line and I’d have to hold it near his neck so he “got” fluids too. Molly needed several medications and Mel also had a bottle of “meds” – it was a vial of water with a syringe just like Molly’s and he also got “meds”. And when it was all done, he’d look at me and wait for me to tell him he was a good boy – just like I told Molly she was a good girl.

With their care on my plate and my work schedule, free time just didn’t happen. My escape though, my whole life, has been reading, pretty much anything and everything. You know the phrase “so many books, not enough time”? That would be me.

Mary: What type of food do you like? Do you have a favorite restaurant in your area you’d recommend?

Regan: Pretty much anything except scallops and sea cucumber. My absolute favorite are chocolate covered cherries. My favorite restaurant is the Red Lobster cause I do love lobster. Although, we have a restaurant in my town called Stars that has a variety of dishes that are fabulous. We go there at least once a week and always have our favorite waitress, Nicky, to chat with.

Mary: As you know I love to post recipes at the garden, do you have any to share?

Regan: You mean like cooking? Um, well, I boil a decent egg, but that’s about it for me. If it doesn’t go in the microwave, it doesn’t happen. That said, I have a solid appreciation for anyone who does cook!

Thank you, Regan, for entertaining us in the garden today. Please come back and visit.


4RV Publishing said…
Thanks, Regan and Mary, for allowing us to share this post.

Regan, with her permission, will appear on beginning August 1.

This was a fun post and nice to learn more about you, Regan.

Jackie King said…
Enjoyed the post. Reagan, you are one prolific writer! I'm impressed.
Best Wishes,
Jackie King
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks everyone for dropping by. I love having visitors.

Thank you Regan for being my guest today!

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