Marilyn Meredith, is in the garden today

Good morning everyone, today we have Marilyn Meredith. AKA F.M. Meredith, I just love saying AKA, don’t you? It’s finally spring, almost summer here in the garden. Pull up a chair or make yourself comfortable on the grass. Help yourself to some refreshments if you’re hungry. Before we start, here is a bit of background on our guest.

F.M. Meredith, also known as Marilyn Meredith, is the author of nearly thirty published novels. Her latest in the Rocky Bluff P.D. crime series, from Oak Tree Press, is Angel Lost. Marilyn is a member of EPIC, Four chapters of Sisters in Crime, including the Internet chapter , Mystery Writers of America, and on the board of the Public Safety Writers of America. 
Visit  her at and 
Mary: Rocky Bluff sounds like a great series. If you don’t mind I’m going to call you F.M. mostly so Mary and Marilyn doesn’t get confusing. Now for our guest, but for me. I’m sure I’d mess up and put the same name for answer and question.  Anyway, if everyone is settled in with their refreshments, let begin. I have your blurb on Angel Lost. 

As plans for her perfect wedding fill her mind, Officer Stacey Wilbur is sent out to trap a flasher, the new hire realizes Rocky Bluff P.D. is not the answer to his problems, Abel Navarro’s can’t concentrate on the job because of worry about his mother, Officer Gordon Butler has his usual upsets, the sudden appearance of an angel in the window of a furniture store captures everyone’s imagination and causes problems for RBPD, and then the worst possible happens—will Stacey and Doug’s wedding take place?

And here’s one from a fellow author that I love:

"A pervert threatens women joggers on the beach, a robber threatens wealthy homes on the bluff, and an angel watches over the townspeople from a downtown window.  F. M. Merediths' latest Rocky Bluff P. D. novel is a gentle human drama about loneliness and change, through which the reader is pulled, page after page, by an assortment of compelling criminal curiosities."

C. N. Nevets is an author of psychological suspense.

Mary: Wow, this sounds great! F.M. can you tell us where to buy, and find more information about this book?

F.M.: Angel Lost is available from and for an autographed copy, you can order from my website and you can read the first chapters of most of my books there as well.

Mary: You have some great reviews on this, can you steer our guest to where they can read them? Also, how do you find review sites for your books?

F.M.: Most of my reviews are on the website under the book. I’ve collected review sites over the years and you can always do a Google search for mystery reviewers. If you belong to DorothyL you can offer a book for someone to review and do a drawing. Good reviews on DorothyL are really helpful.

Mary: I’ve been scavenging your web site, it’s a great site by the way, anyway do you do your own trailers? If so how do you compose them, organize, etc. If now how do you find people to do them for you?

F.M.: I love my trailers, but I can’t take credit for any of them. The latest were done by Cheryl Malandrinos who did it for me as part of a paid blog tour. There are lots of folks out there who do them though, and one way to find them, of course, is to look at the credits at the end of a trailer, another of course, is to go to Google. There is a great deal of difference in how much people charge, so take that into consideration too.

Mary: Is everyone comfortable? There’s more wine and appetizers, if you’d care for some. So, F.M. can you tell us what was the first book you read over and over until the pages were dog eared? And how old were you at the time?

F.M.: The only book I remember reading over and over was Gone with the Wind. I read it when I was a pre-teen and as a teen and again as an adult. My mom and I went to see the movie five times.

Mary: Good grief, do you know how many pages that book has? I know it's on my night stand. Who inspired you growing up? Was it that person who inspired you to dream of being an author?

F.M.: My dad thought I could do anything and bragged to everyone how good I was at everything from writing stories to swimming. When I was an adult with kids he told my teenaged nephew that I could beat him swimming. The kid had his own pool to swim in and I only had the ocean. I wasn’t too happy with my dad, but we raced across the pool and I won by sheer determination. I don’t think I took one breath. Because of my dad, when I decided to become and author I just kept on writing, submitting, rewriting, submitting, until I finally found a publisher—sheer determination kept me going.

Mary: Is there anything you’d like to add? Anything you’d like to tell young authors?

F.M: Read the kind of books you want to write. Learn as much about writing as you can through books, going to writers’ conferences, and finding a critique group to join. Learn to really edit your work. When you’re ready to send out queries and manuscripts follow the agents’ and publishing houses’ guidelines exactly. Each one wants submissions in different ways. And never ever give up.

Thank you, Marilyn, for joining us in the garden today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having you.


Anonymous said…
Marilyn, I'm with you on Gone With the Wind. I've read it several times myself, over the years, and I have the DVD. You are a wonderful writer, so full of heart. I'll have to order me some more Marilyn Meredith!
Sharon Ervin said…
Even as adults, we harken back to parents' involvement in stimulating us. Nice reflection, Marilyn, and a reminder to parents and grandparents that our opinions matter. We need to comment wisely.
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks for visiting Marilyn, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you better.
marja said…
Ah, Marilyn, you made me think about my own father. He was quite the storyteller. With each blog or interview that I read about you, I learn more. When I really enjoy an author's writing, and I enjoy yours, I like to know more about them.

Thank you.
Lindsay said…
Gone With the Wind-never read the book but I did see the movie. My date was more interesting then the movie. Sorry.
Lost Angel sounds like an interesting story and will probably move from my Wish List to my TBR folder
I'm sorry it took me so long to get here but I'm camping and there'sonly one place to use the computer. Tank you so much for allowing me to visit your amazing garden.

Beth, thank you for your kind words.

Sharon, I was with a woman today who is writing an ethics legacy for her children and grandchildren, that sounds like a great idea.
Marja, so glad you stopped by.

Mary I am going off to promote this now.

Lindsay, i you get a chance to read Angel Lost, let me know if you like it.
Jean Henry Mead said…
Good advice, Marilyn. Im also a fan of "Gone with the Wind," and have watched it countless times. I'm also a big fan of yours and just downloaded Angel Lost. Can't wait to read it.
Okay,Jean, I'm thrilled you're going to read Angel Lost. Do let me know what you think. Marilyn

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