Concert Ho Series in the garden continues

Sorry I've been a bit MIA this last week, however, I've still had this stupid head cold. It's all I can do to get through the day job. I missed Big Head Todd and the Monsters, and concert ho that I am, you know I had to be almost dead sick to miss that. Ron said that it was awesome. In fact, the opening group was so good that he though the Big Head Todd would be a let down. He was pleasantly surprised.

My last Friday evening though, even though I'm not 100%, I was not about to miss another concert. I am so glad I made it. We saw Buddy Guy, and opening for him was Mavis Staples. I couldn't believe how good they were. I'm not sure how old Mavis is, but Buddy is 74. I'm a lot younger and wished I had his moves. Good grief the man can play the guitar. I came home and bought one of his albums on iTunes.

And as always the Venue, Red Butte Gardens was awesome and relaxing. I had taken some video's with my phone, but for some reason I can't get them to play. So here are some links and pictures.

Mavis Staples - I'll take you there (Though the one I did at the concert was much more fun, dang phone)

Buddy Guy - Sweet Home Chicago (This was in 2006 so he was a bit younger)
On a whole I give this concert 5 1/2


Lindsay said…
Sorry you missed the concert. Feeling any better?
My blogs? Plagiarize A-L-L you wanna from our efficacious URLs. Just lemme see you in Heaven, gorgeous girl, where I can kiss your adorable feet. God bless you.

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