Concert time in the garden

Yes it's that time of year again. Concert time, and most of them are at Red Butte Garden. See the waterfall by where I'm sitting? The concert stage is just a few yards away from that very spot. Yes gorgeous. Alas, the first two concerts of the year were not held there.

A few weeks ago we went to The Depot a small intimate concert venue to see Leon Russell, and yes you have to be old to know who he is. He worked with some of the great, Dylan, the Beatles and many more. But he was one of my favorites growing up. Great concert, not my favorite venue. Not enough places to sit. Still Leon still has it.

Tonight we saw The Moody Blues, another oldy but goody. This concert was to be at Red Butte garden, but because of the weather some repairs to the venue couldn't be completed in time for the show. It was moved in doors, and because the current weather I was very glad.

The Moody Blues were big before I even started high school, but they've always been one of my favorites. And tonight was a very good show--not as good as Leon Russell, but entertaining. And I found that some of the songs I'd forgotten they actually did.
These are from my phone so not very good, but the best you're going to get. Actually they turned out better than I thought they would. All in all a good night.

On to blog stuff. As you know I usually do recipes, concerts, wine, or entertainment in general on Monday and Fridays, with writing related topics on Wednesday. For some reason, Viking, an imprint of Penguin has decided I'm a reviewer and they are asking me to review some of their mysteries. Because of this I'll be adding in some reviews.

From now on, writing related topics, reviews and/or interviews will be on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Some weeks there will be two days. I'm working on a review rating. I will be reviewing and interviewing Lindsay Downs this week, so I better get working on the rating, hadn't I? It will be 'Garden' related.

Have a good memorial day--send warm thoughts to our veterans and those still serving.


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