Austin in review

Good Afternoon. I know I'm late posting, however we didn't arrive home from Austin until the wee hours of the morning. No recipes today, just a review--one weekend in Austin.

I'd never been to Austin before, other than one night. We flew in and picked up my hubby's mid-life crisis car. His Vette. He swears it wasn't a crisis--whatever. Anyway we went to visit our son and his girlfriend and had a great time.

We visited the Longhorn stadium, hey we're BIG college football fans, so that was a must. We were surprised with a special treat. It was graduation day and in honor of the graduates, BEVO came for a visit. This is the school mascot and I was lucky to get a bit on film.

For us, eating is always part of the experience of travel. We love the company of family and friends, the sights are great but the food and local culture are enjoyable.

Since they know how much I love books, we visited Book People. And of course I picked me up something for my office, already hanging on my wall! But I also wanted to buy a night shirt that said "Oh dear I just bought a pile a books" the entire front is filed with stacks of books and a girl reader is sitting on top of one. I asked if I could buy it on line (cause Ron said, you do not need that--which is true) and now I can't find it on their site. GRRRR.

We went down 6th street and visited some bars, of course. You can't go to Austin and not do that.

Music came out of every door, the streets a cacophony of sounds as you walk down the side walk. The city is clean--I love that. We didn't visit a concert, we were too busy meeting everyone and seeing the local spots.

Local Austin gives new meaning to Trailer Park. Every where are lots of trailers selling food. Trailers behind bars, etc. The Liberty Bar, one of the kids hang out's, is one of these. It looks empty, not long after I took this picture you couldn't see the trailer because of the crowd of people.

We had the best food there. I am not sure of the exact names of the dishes we ate, but delicious non-the-less and yes I will be experimenting trying to come up with my own recipes.

One was a fried chicken with onions, cilantro, jalapeƱos and I'm not sure of the spices.

Sorry we were a bit messy...

Then there was fried beets, I loved these. The sauce--I think it was some kind of mustard sauce was to die for.

Then we had Pork Belly sandwiches. I know it doesn't sound that great but it was. The bread was soft like a marshmallow and it even had a sweet taste to it.

The entire trip (all SHORT three days) was awesome, but Sunday we had a special treat. Meredith our son's girlfriend works with at-risk kids (Heart House) and they went on a field trip to The Oasis. Ferrari was having a show, and the kids got to see the cars and have lunch. We went to visit also. The food was spectacular, and reasonable. I took one look at the place and thought- oh,oh here comes our splurge for the trip, Nada! Very reasonable priced.

We ate out side overlooking the lake. I love the flavor with all the umbrellas.

But the food.... Let me just tell you-- yes I will have my own recipes soon. AND I'm going to try to contact someone there for an interview, can't promise that though.

Our son had Ahi Tuna Salad--You can check out the menu section from the link I posted above for any descriptions.

I had the Seafood Stuffed Avocado with a cup of the soup of the day. The soup was a chilled tomato tortilla soup. Oh.....

Ron had blackened tilapia in corn tortillas with crisp slaw, pico de gallo and salsa Acapulco.

And we mustn't miss out on dessert--Key Lime Pie

Now you've heard about our entire trip, we did have a blast!
My first blog guest for the 'Mystery We Write Blog Tour' is on Wednesday. Check out the schedule to the right. Hope to see you all there. 


Marie Higgins said…
My mouth is watering just looking at those yummy pictures! Now nothing will do for dinner tonight, because I know it's not going to be as good. lol

I'm glad you had fun - and I'm glad you're back safe!

Mary Martinez said…
I know. I'm getting ready to fix dinner and I can't decide what to make, I just want to pluck one of these meals out of the blog. LOL.

We're glad we're back, but we wish we could have stayed a bit longer. I would have liked to visit San Antonio, Derek said it was only an hour away. Next time!
Lindsay said…
You sound like you had a great time eating
Jean Henry Mead said…
Youre making me hungry, Mary. I love Mexican food.

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