Napoleons in the Garden

Okay here is the other fillings for your Puff Pastry for Napoleons. (Refer to Wednesday's blog for the Puff Pastry recipe.)

Cream Filling
1/3 cup sugar
3 tbsp. cornstarch
1 tbsp. flour
3 eggs, well beaten
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla

Mix sugar, cornstarch and flour. Stir into beaten eggs. Mix until smooth. Add milk gradually, stirring constantly. Pour into top of double boiler. Cook over boiling water. Stir constantly until mixture thickens, about 10 min. Remove from heat. Add vanilla. Cool to room temperature. Stire occassionally. Makes 3 1/2 cups.

1/2 recipe Puff pastry
1 1/2 cups cream filling
Confectioner's sugar

Make Puff pastry through step V
On a lightly floured board roll out puff pastry 1/4 thick, into a rectangle about 15" x by 8". Cut into 2 perfect rectangles 8x5" place on ungreased baking sheet. Chill 3-mutes. Bake in a very hot oven 450 for 5 minutes. Reduce heat to moderate 350 bake 15 to 20 minutes longer. Cool on a rack.

Split the 2 rectangles in half so there are four layers. Put the layers together with filling. Sprinkle top with sugar chill. Cut crosswise into strips. Makes 6.


Anonymous said…
This recipe looks delicious! I will have to try! :)
Mary Martinez said…
It is, and the puff pastry recipe for the creamed horns on Wednesday is awesome also!

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