Happy Black Friday

Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday! We had a surprise guest. Our son drove in from Austin and brought his girlfriend and Peter Elliot--there dog. We had quite a crowd at our house, which included 3 dogs under a year old. Can you say frisky?

Bubbles is our invalid, she has to have the cone so she won't chew on her cast--poor thing.
At our house, it's always informal.


Meaning we don't do the big table, sit down dinner. I put everything out on the counter buffet style and we eat in front of the TV (football game) and use TV trays. But we're all together and that's what counts. Well not all of us, our daughter was in California and one or our sons had the day off, for the first time since he was married. So they had their own dinner. But we all talked on the phone, etc.

No today I'm going to experiment. I'm making up my own recipe for White Turkey Chili. If it turns out I'll share on Monday!


I always find some receipes for left over turkey but with five boys in the house, I seldom have any left overs to experiment with.
Mary said…
Oh I know what you mean. I get a head count and purposely buy a bigger turkey than needed, and a ham so I'm sure we have enough.

I'm in the process of my experiment right now, we'll see how it turns out!

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